Internet Access / Wi-fi

Free Wifi in PraguePrague and the Czech Republic are well wired and covered Wi-fi hot spots. Most hotels, including hostels, offer it free of charge to guests; though occasionally more expensive properties charge extra for this service. Additionally, a growing number of bars, cafes and restaurants offer free wi-fi, which is usually marked on the door with the international wi-fi sign.

Often the most convenient and reliable places to get wi-fi access in a pinch are McDonald’s and KFC restaurants, which offer free wi-fi around the whole Czech Republic. And of course not to forget coffee chains like Starbucks, they also offer free WiFi with any coffee purchase.

Mobile 4G/5G Internet

You can get connected to the internet via your mobile operator as well depending on your tariff and roaming access (using 4G/HSDPA/5G). If you are staying longer it is worth buying a local sim card as well as arranging some tariff for a mobile broadband. Connection especially in Prague and other large cities is fast and very reliable. Consider Mobile prepaid internet from T-Mobile, o2 or Vodafone. This gives you unlimited access to the internet for around 500 to 800 CZK, monthly (offers vary). It is also possible to activate only one day internet package, paying around 3o to 50 CZK per one day internet access. No contract is required; just buy a prepaid sim card pack or ask staff for assistance.

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