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Vegetarian Restaurants

Vegetarian restaurants are still quite rare in Prague, but this is changing fast. Although locals enjoy traditional Czech food, not all Czechs are non-vegetarian. As part of the international trend, Czechs are becoming increasingly health-conscious and getting into healthy and organic food, with new vegetarian restaurants hitting the high streets each year.

Two well-known and recommended vegan restaurants are Country Life and Govinda.



It is a small vegan restaurant located in the Zizkov quarter, selling cheap food and takeaways.

Address: Orlická 9, Prague 3; www.balarama.cz



Vegetarian cuisine (mostly vegetarian curries) from North India is on the menu at Beas. Food here is strictly without eggs, meat or fish, or products that contain any traces of them. Currently they have five Prague locations; the main branch is tucked away in a courtyard off Týnská, near Old Town Square. Takeaways or delivery are available. Menu of the day just 95 CZK.

Address: Týnská 19, Prague 1; www.beas-dhaba.cz



Nice coffee shop near the riverfront with a daily vegetarian lunch menu. Set menu for just 100 CZK.

Address: Na Hrobci 3, Prague 2; www.cafeterapie.cz


Country Life

Prague’s first health/organic food shop opened in 1991, and is an all-vegan cafeteria and sandwich bar offering cheap salads, sandwiches, pizzas, vegetarian goulash and burgers. Currently they have three restaurants; one is at Melntrichova, another in Jungmannova, and the last in Dejvice. Daily special set menus are available. Mains cost from 100 to 200 CZK.

Address: Melantrichova 15, Prague 1; www.countrylife.cz



This very nice modern designed Indian restaurant is strictly vegetarian and offers excellent dishes for very cheap prices. Located at Nerudova, on the way to Prague Castle, it is great for a special lunch menu at just 110 CZK. Tip: try some of their delicious sweets.

Address: Nerudova 32, Prague 1; www.gopal.cz



The vegetarian restaurant Govinda belongs to one of the first vegetarian restaurants opened in Prague. Various selections of Indian specialities and other meals inspired by western culinary art are on the menu. Simple interior, meditative music, low prices – that’s what characterize this place. They have two locations, one at Soukencika and the other further from the centre near Palmovka. Govinda is part of The Center for Vedic Studies which belongs to The International Society for Krishna Consciousness.

Address: Soukenická 27, Prague 1; www.govinda.cz


Lehká Hlava (Clear Head)

It’s a non-smoking, open-kitchen restaurant and tearoom, where you won’t meet meat … and you won’t mind. It’s a place where the atmosphere along with the food will clear your head, sate your appetite and delight your soul. Freshly prepared vegetarian and vegan dishes include hummus, Burrito with pinto beans, scalloped potatoes with bolognese sauce and parmesan, and tofu Thai red curry that could easily feed two at lunch. Mains are under 200 CZK. Central location, good value meals and excellent chefs makes this simply a winner in this category. 

Address: Boršov 280, Prague; www.lehkahlava.cz


Loving Hut

All the dishes in the restaurant are purely plant-based (vegan), lovingly prepared, and served in a beautiful, friendly and tranquil atmosphere. The restaurant is part of the international chain, Loving Hut Café, which has been initiated by the Supreme Master Ching Hai, humanitarian activist, artist, spiritual teacher, advocate of a vegan diet and compassionate lifestyle. They have multiple locations around Prague, with one central one in Truhlarska 20.

Address: Truhlářská 20, Prague 1; www.lovinghut.cz



It’s a sister branch of the Lehka Hlava restaurant located near Old Town Square, beautifully designed in a feng shui style, set off by Buddha statues and Tibetan mantras. The menu and food are excellent and basically copy the Lehka Hlava restaurant. Mains range from 120 CZK to 200 CZK, or try a special lunch set menu.

Address: Týnská ulička 6, Prague 1; www.maitrea.cz


Malý Buddha (Little Buddha)

This teahouse and restaurant is not truly a vegetarian place, but there is a good selection of Thai, Chinese and Vietnamese vegetarian dishes. Considering its good central location, oriental tearoom atmosphere, and Buddhist shrine-style vaulted restaurant, this place is worth consideration.

Address:Úvoz 46, Prague 1; www.malybuddha.cz


Mlsná Kavka

Mlsná Kavka (translated as Picky Jackdaw) is a non-smoking vegetarian restaurant with simple and clean decor. Every season a new menu is assembled from seasonal ingredients. On Sundays there are brunches – a charming culinary event, rich and varied snacks that you can enjoy after walking through morning Prague. Main dishes are under 200 CZK.

Address: Sokolovská 327, Prague 8; www.mlsnakavka.cz


Radost FX (Cafe FX)

Café FX is a long-established vegetarian mecca in the Vinohrady district. Salads, stir-fries and veggie burgers are on the menu. Mains rage from 120 to 250 CZK. The cafe is part of the nightclub Radost FX.

Address: Bělehradská 120, Prague 2; www.radostfx.cz


Khajuraho Indian Restaurant

Indian food with authentic flavours ranging from Kashmiri dishes to different curries and South Indian specialities, with plenty of choices that also attract vegetarians. Nice interior and friendly service. Set menus costing from 300 CZK.

Address: Michalská 25, Prague 1



It is a place which focuses on Oriental specialities with a range of unusual Afghani dishes. Various kebabs and tasty vegetarian specialties are on the menu. However, some reviews about this place are not that great.

Address: Karolíny Světlé 14, Prague 1; www.kabulrestaurant.cz


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