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City Quarters


Stromovka is bordered by the Vltava River to the north, Holešovice to the east, and from the south by a narrow band of blocks of houses which separate it from Letná Plain. On its outskirts stands the National Technical Museum, whose rich collections entice lovers of antique vehicles and technical …

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Tucked into a U-bend in the River Vltava, this dense, built-up neighbourhood dates from the late nineteenth-century, but for centuries was an area of fields and meadows. Still today this suburb of Holešovice boasts two huge areas of green: Letná, overlooking the city centre, and, to the north, Stromovka, Prague’s …

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Břevnov and Bílá Hora

Forested and, later, agriculturally worked land spreads out to the west and northeast of Prague Castle. To the west of Hradčany, Břevnov was the first to be settled. The Bishop, St Adalbert, founded the oldest Benedictine monastery in Bohemia here in 993. All that was preserved from the original structure …

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Administration and Structure of the City of Prague

Prague City Hall is in fact the local and regional authority of the capital city of Prague. Its scope is defined by the Law on the City of Prague and the city ordinance on the Statute of the City of Prague. Activities and organizational structure of the municipality are regulated …

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Holešovice, Letná, and Stromovka are encircled by the Vltava River, so they form a sort of peninsula. North of this peninsula lies Troja. Originally, this orchard was named Ovenec, but the magnificent Sternberg Castle of Trója signalled the renaming of this area. Jean-Baptiste Mathey built this summer retreat for Václav …

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