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Czech Republic Buses

Travelling by bus is often the quickest and most direct way to get from one Czech town to another. It is also sometimes the only way (unless you travel by car) because some Czech villages are not serviced by trains, or their train stations are far enough from the residential …

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Driving In The Czech Republic

If you intend on driving, a license acquired in any EU country is valid throughout the other EU member countries, but any driver from a non-EU country needs to have an international driver’s licence. You should obtain a driver’s license for the Czech Republic if you’re residing, for the long-term, …

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Limousine with Stripper

A luxury limousine will meet you at Prague Airport. Inside will be one of our strippers to meet your deepest desires: wild black cat, nurse, schoolgirl, or just natural sexy Czech slut. It will be a great introduction to Prague, and a great start to your stag party weekend in …

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Parking in Prague

Parking in central Prague can be very difficult. Watch for the zones reserved for local residents and businesses and make sure you don’t park in them. If you park illegally, your car might be clamped or towed and you need to call Municipal Police 156 to get your car back.  …

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Travellers with Special Needs

Although Prague isn’t as accessible for those with special needs as many other cities, the facilities are slowly improving. Things are made tough for those in wheelchairs by the many narrow streets covered in uneven paving found here, but ramps are being constructed on many buildings to increase the ease …

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