To enter the Czech Republic, everyone must have a valid passport (or identity card for EU citizens). Citizens of the EU and the EEC (European Economic Community) do not need a visa to make any visit. Citizens of Australia, Canada, Israel, Japan, New Zealand and the United States can remain visa-free for a maximum period of 90 days; all citizens of other nationalities should review the requirements to obtain a visa on the site Visas are not issued at land border posts or Prague Airport. If visitors arrive at the airport without a visa (and they need a visa), they will be denied entry. Non-EU citizens who wish to stay for longer than 90 days must apply for a long-term visa, a work visa, or a residence permit. You can go to the nearest Czech Embassy for more details, but we anticipate that it is necessary to apply for the visa at least four months in advance. The Czech Republic is part of the Schengen Area (a group of countries that allows crossing its internal borders without the need to possess a passport). Visitors who need a visa can apply for a Schengen Visa that will allow them to visit other countries within this area. Visa rules are subject to change, so we advise you to check the details before leaving. You can do so on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (

Schengen Visa
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