Best Time to Visit

Prague has a continental climate, with hot summers and cold winters. To answer the question When Is the Best Time to Visit Prague, one has to consider that Prague’s weather can vary significantly from year to year and cannot be predicted very far in advance. Some years are colder, and some are significantly warmer. Probably the best time to visit Prague is in late spring, around May and June, or in early fall-like in September, when the weather is not too hot or cold, and the city is not overcrowded.

It is not unusual during the summer for temperatures to reach as high as 35°C (95°F), and in the winter it can be as cold as -15°C (5°F). The average high temperature from May to September is 22°C (72°F), with an average low of 12°C (54°F) and on average seven hours of sunshine per day.

Spring and summer are likely to be the sunniest seasons, while the period between May and August is the rainiest – sudden storms and showers are common, therefore don’t forget your umbrella. The amount of rainfall is fairly consistent throughout the year, with just a tad more in spring and autumn and the very occasional summer thunderstorm.

December is the time to visit Christmas markets or join the New Years’ crowds celebrating in the streets at the end of the year. It is also a good time for the concert and opera lovers. Snow is rather rare in Prague, but the best months to get a chance to see the city covered in a white blanket are January and February.

If you’re planning to visit Prague during the peak summer season, be prepared for crowded restaurants and hotels and a city full of tourists. But no matter what time of the year, Prague will show you its charm in every season.

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