In Prague you can find international restaurants from the finest Italian and French cuisine to Japanese, Korean, Thai, Greek, Scandinavian and Mexican. Food is still affordable, despite price increases in recent years. Original Czech food comprises roast or grilled meat and dumplings, which not all tourists necessarily find tasty, but when it’s done well, traditional Czech cuisine is worth a try.

Prague is safe concerning cleanliness and hygiene. Catering facilities are inspected by a state authority once in two years, whereas in most other EU countries the inspections are done only randomly by some professional associations.

The restaurants we list are recommended for their cuisine, ambience and popularity among travellers. If you want to eat at a particularly ‘famous’ establishment, it would be better to make a reservation, particularly at peak periods such as weekends and during the high season.

During the Covid pandemic, many restaurants were forced to close, with some just fighting to survive during lockdowns as they are only permitted to sell takeaways. Most restaurants, especially those in the tourist areas, were forced to lower prices and adjusted their menus to the locals. It is yet to be seen how large an impact it will have on the Czech restaurant scene.

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  • Beer Gardens in Prague

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  • Prague Typical Dishes

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  • Kosher Restaurants

    Prague’s most popular kosher restaurants are the King Solomon and Shalom Prague Jewish community restaurants. Local shops (probably the best kosher shop is in Bilkova…

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  • Steak Restaurants in Prague

    Prague is meat country, which means that steak lovers will be spoilt for choice. Steaks are not only served in steak restaurants, but just about…

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  • Best Burgers in Prague

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  • Vietnamese Resturants

    Vietnamese cuisine is popular in Prague, with a number of authentic Vietnamese restaurants throughout the centre of the city. The Vietnamese community being quite large…

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  • Thai Restaurants

    A few decades ago, there were no Thai restaurants in Prague. Today, it’s a different story, with Thai restaurants dotted throughout the city. Most are…

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  • Mexican Restaurants

    Mexican cuisine is not that widespread in Prague, and real Mexican restaurants serving excellent dishes are hard to come by. Our only recommendation would be…

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  • Mediterranean Restaurants

    Prague is a great place to sample some of the enjoyable Mediterranean cuisines. For the best bet head to Corso Cafe, Oliva Restaurant, Kogo or…

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