Best Burgers in Prague

Prague is not really synonymous with burgers—and in fact, hamburgers were more largely introduced in the Czech Republic just after the collapse of communism in the 1990s—however, Western influence, an influx of ex-pats and Western tourists led to rapid growth in the popularity of burgers among locals. Fast-food chains like McDonald’s popped up everywhere, as well as expat-owned restaurants and other fast-food establishments.

Traditionally, one of the best burgers can be found at the Hard Rock Café. Their giant flame-grilled 280-gram patty burger is excellent—though the price is nearly double what you would pay at most other restaurants. The standard price for a 150-gram burger served with lettuce, tomato, onion, and pickle on the side, along with French fries, is around 200 CZK. On the contrary, you would pay from around 100 CZK for the set meal at McDonald’s.

Another good choice is Jáma, an expat-owned restaurant serving excellent burgers with a taste of home cooking. Expect to pay about 180 CZK.

Artisan Restaurant and Café

Address: Rošiských 603, Prague 5;


Address: Odborů 4, Prague 2;

Bohemia Bagel Holešovice

Address: Dukelských hrdinů 906, Prague 7;


Address: Nerudova 223, Prague 1;

Hard Rock Café

Address: Malé nám. 142, Prague 1;

Jáma Bar and Grill

Address: V Jámě 1671, Prague 1;

Jáma Steakhouse

Address: Ostrovní 1447, Prague 1;

Rocky O’Reilly’s

Address: Štěpánská 620, Prague 1;

TGI Fridays

Address: Na Přikopě 27, Prague 1;

U Malého Glena

Address: Karmrlitcká 374, Prague 1;

The Tavern 

Address: Chopinova 26, Prague 2 ;

Mood Restaurant

Address: Koněvova 28/29, Prague 3;

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