Restaurants in Prague Where You Can Eat Game Meat

Every food lover has probably noted in his gastronomic calendar that autumn is the time for game meat.

Venison can be found on a limited basis throughout the year, but it is largely a seasonal affair, which will pleasantly enrich the diet.

Among game meat, we include feathered (pheasant, partridge, quail, wild duck, wild goose, woodcock), furry (wild rabbit and hare), big game (roe deer, elk) and black game (wild boar). It also includes more exotic ostrich meat or kangaroo, which are not quite the classic seasonal business.

Meat from wild game, which has a specific taste and smell, tends to be of higher quality and healthier than meat from farmed animals, contains a high amount of protein and is low in fat. The taste is different, even for the same species, as it depends on the age and health of each hunted specimen. After the catch, it is necessary to leave the wild game meat to stand for some time, to let it mellow, before you start to cook it and consume it.

Wild game meat can be cooked in various ways, and a variety of goulashes are very popular.

Quail meat, roasted hams and loins from the big game, wild game birds meat stewed in wine, and last but not least are popular various pâtés, for example, of a rabbit or a deer. Let’s not forget that when it comes to a boar, the dispute is still not resolved as to whether it is tastier with rosehip sauce or with cabbage and dumplings.

Many restaurants in Prague will offer venison feast with a wide range of dishes. But most of the restaurants offer venison from October to December. There are only a few restaurants in Prague where a game can be enjoyed all year round.

Restaurant Zvonice

Directly on the upper two floors of the top of Jindřišská Bell Tower, there is a luxury restaurant specialising in venison. The original beams, masonry and bell make up a unique interior. To give some examples from the menu, they offer tenderloin of wild boar on coriander with wild mushrooms, venison in port wine, deer steak in wine sauce with thyme, wild boar ham rosehip sauce, deer haunch in candle sauce or roe deer tenderloin with chanterelles.

Praha 1, Jindřišská, Jindřišská tower, Tel: 224 220 009, website

Restaurant Magická Zahrada nouveau

Restaurant Magická Zahrada prepares several game specialities for its autumn menu. Venison paté with Cumberland sauce, game broth with vegetables and noodles, venison in cream sauce with gingerbread dumplings, game goulash with bacon dumplings and gnocchi with venison and cranberry sauce.

Nuselská 159/114, Praha 4 – Michle, Tel: 261 214 252, website

Restaurant Kampa Park

An elegant restaurant, Kampa Park prepares two-game specialities. Roasted quail with potato purée and vanilla sauce, loin of deer, rowanberry and ragout of chanterelles and Jerusalem artichoke.

Praha 1, Na Kampě 8b, Tel: 296 826 112, website

Restaurant Le terroir

Pavol Pavlik, Head Chef of the restaurant Le Terroir, offers a seasonal menu of carpaccio and tartare of mouflon, with blackberry puree, wooden mushrooms and cranberries.

Praha 1, Vejvodova 1, Tel: 602 889 118, website

Restaurant Altány Kampa

The restaurant Altány Kampa in Čertovka offers several game specialities for the entire month of November. Game broth with noodles and vegetables, deer served with dumplings and boar with gingerbread dumplings and rosehip sauce.

Praha 1, Nosticova 2a, Tel: 257 007 681, website

Restaurant Art & Food

The wine bar and restaurant Art & Food in Malá Strana offer game specialities all year. For example, you can taste wild boar sirloin, roasted boar loin, venison with plum sauce and other venison specialities.

Praha 5, Plaská 617/4, Tel: 251 512 063, website

Restaurant New York Café

The restaurant of the luxury Hotel Boscolo offers several game specialities for the whole of November. Venison pate with bread, deer carpaccio with coriander with oil, venison with mushrooms, lasagna with game ragout, venison loin with mushrooms, bacon and Jerusalem artichoke purée and wild boar ragout with rosehip sauce and croquettes.

Praha 1, Senovážné nám. 13, Hotel Boscolo, Tel: 224 593 886, website

Restaurace Chapadlo

Chapadlo restaurant has prepared roebuck goulash with potato pancake for the whole of November.

Praha 6, Bělohorská 203, Tel: 235 302 350, website

Restaurace Oblaca

Restaurant Oblaca in the Žižkov tower transmitter offers in its autumn menu roebuck saddle with pumpkin, confit oyster and salsify puree.

Praha 3, Mahlerovy sady, Tel: 210 320 086, website

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