BecherovkaBecherovka – The Spirit of the Czech Nation

Most of the time, fond memories of travelling are linked to memorable culinary experiences. This explains why Becherovka Original, a herbal liqueur with over 200 years of tradition, gives the Czech Republic such a good name as one of the Czech Republic’s icons, this completely natural herbal liqueur unites people from all across the planet.

In 1807, Josef Vitus Becher, a pharmacist, invented this liqueur – nicknamed the “13th spring” of Karlovy Vary (western Bohemia’s famous spa town). Becher based his secret recipe for Becherovka on testing he had done with the British physician, Doctor Frobrig. With its’ precise and finely balanced blend of spices and herbs, this recipe had been passed through generations of the Becher family.

These days, only a couple of people in the firm know the recipe. Generally, Becherovka is enjoyed as a digestive or aperitif, and it ought to be served cool at about 25F (-4°C) to 21F (-6°C). This is the best temperature for bringing out its’ understated balance of spices and herbs, and the flavour becomes delightfully smooth, consistent, refreshing and sparkling. Furthermore, you can sample Becherovka in several cocktail combinations too. Beton, a traditional Becherovka cocktail with ice, lemon and tonic, is the most well-known cocktail. In 1967, this cocktail was a big hit at the Montreal EXPO. To this day, its’ refreshing taste still impresses.

Drink to Your HealthBeer is medicine: The bitterness of some beers is considered to prevent the development of gall stones. It is believed slivovice, as well as being a digestive aid, fights off colds and promotes longevity. However, the Czech medicinal beverage par excellence is Becherovka. This bitter herb liqueur is really a traditional digestive.

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