Kosher Restaurants

Prague’s most popular kosher restaurants are King Solomon and Shalom Prague Jewish community restaurants. Local shops (probably the best kosher shop is in Bilkova Street) offer a limited selection of kosher food. Only selected upmarket hotels offer kosher breakfasts. Many tourists arrive with a lot of kosher stuff from home, but there’s no need to do so. If you are looking for kosher-friendly accommodation in Prague, you can make a reservation at Maisel’s hotel-style kosher apartments.

King Solomon Kosher Restaurant

This is a nice, luxurious and fancy kosher restaurant, only two minutes’ walk from the Old-New synagogue. Prices are quite high, but the food is very good for the Ashkenazi travellers. Sephardic Jews may experience a little bit of confusion with the Ashkenazi taste of food. Anyway, it is the best kosher restaurant in Jewish Prague! website

Shochet: rabbi Weiser from Wienna

Meat kashruth level: kosher Le Mehadrin, Chassidishe

Hechsher: rabbi Jerochim

Mashgiach: Tmidi

Address: Siroka 8, Josefov

Prague Jewish Community Kosher Restaurant Shalom

This kosher restaurant is situated very close to the Old-New Synagogue and is very popular; for Shabbat or large groups reservations are essential. The restaurant is reasonably priced and you can feel the atmosphere of the local Prague Jewish community. Even though the food is of average quality, it is a good experience which you won’t regret. website

Shochet: Jewish community of Prague or King Solomon meat

Meat kashruth level: Glatt kosher

Hechsher: rabbi Karol Ephraim Sidon

Mashgiach: Tmidi

Address: Maiselova 18, Josefov

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