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Toruist Safety

Prague is a quite safe city, where people feel relaxed walking at just about any hour, even on its sometimes dimly lit streets. As in any touristed destination, pickpockets focus on areas where tourist congregate, so be mindful and don't keep valuables in an accessible place.

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Tipping in Prague

Tips are generally expected only in restaurants. A tip between 5%-15% is appropriate for a restaurant bill (some restaurants indicate on menu that the final amount includes a tip, don‘t tip twice) or for a taxi driver.

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Pub Culture and Etiquette

As in every other country, the types of pubs and restaurants that are found in Prague differ enormously, with each of them having different expected standards of behaviour attached to them. Restaurants are generally more genteel and akin to restaurants anywhere else in the world, but pubs are rougher and it is important that you don’t upset any of the other drinkers, otherwise problems could materialize.

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