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Czech Traditional Pubs

You have probably already heard that Czechs brew some of the world's best beers. So where better to enjoy these pale, golden lagers and rarer dark varieties than in a traditional Czech pub? And once you choose from the recommended places listed below and order your first pint and start drinking, don’t be surprised that your glass is replenished even without asking.

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Microbreweries and brewpubs

As well as the giant breweries like Pilsner Urquell, Budvar and Staropramen there are quite a few microbreweries producing excellent larger and dark beer too. Beer made in these breweries usually has a distinctive taste where freshness is guaranteed. Probably the most popular microbrewery and restaurant in Prague is U Fleku.

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Beer Spas

One of the most famous aspects of the Czech Republic is beer – something that is held in extremely high esteem by its inhabitants. Czechs don’t just drink their beer though, as they have also started to use them in beer spas, therefore meaning that the beer can tantalize the taste buds and reinvigorate the body at the same time!

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Czech Beer

Czech beer is world famous and fully appreciated by the Czechs themselves. For many centuries Czech beer has been the finest available. The distinctive flavour of Czech beer comes from handpicked Bohemian hops. The Czech Republic is the largest consumer of beer in the world (153.6 litres annually per capita), even beating Germany. That means that every adult drinks on average 1L of beer a day.

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The Main Beer Companies

Although there's numerous big labels promoting their beers throughout the country and overseas, mergers within the beverage industry have ensured a less diverse selection, with most Prague restaurants and pubs serving some, if not all, of the national brands listed below: Plzeň (Pilsner Urquell) is the market leader.

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Pub Culture and Etiquette

As in every other country, the types of pubs and restaurants that are found in Prague differ enormously, with each of them having different expected standards of behaviour attached to them. Restaurants are generally more genteel and akin to restaurants anywhere else in the world, but pubs are rougher and it is important that you don’t upset any of the other drinkers, otherwise problems could materialize.

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