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The Four Quarters of Prague

Prague, until around 1800, just consisted of 4 separate towns that had 4 town squares, which were all divided by defended walls. Every town had distinctive qualities, that originated from the personalities of the individuals who settled in them initially. These days, most of the charm of Prague endures within the unique spirit of all of its' towns.

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Hradčany and Castle

Hradcany were, as the third town of Prague, founded at the beginning of the 14th century by a Royal Count Berka from Dube. At that time, however, there was already the Prague Castle, formerly called Royal Castle, a historical-political and cultural dominating feature of not only Hradcany and Prague, but of the whole Bohemia, influencing with its significance the whole Central Europe for centuries, whose foundation dates back sometime after 880 A.D.

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Neighbourhoods, Places to Stay

There is a large choice of accommodation in Prague, from intimate, romantic hotels based in historical town houses, to international luxurious chain hotels, such as the Ibis, Hilton and Crown Plaza. There are also B&B's and budget hostels, as well as smaller boutique hotels. Furthermore, a new trend has emerged of renting a Prague apartment for a short term period, which is particularly popular among bigger groups who prefer more self catering and privacy.

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