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Advice for Saving Money

Avoid the Italian restaurants and the sushi in the city centre and buy Czech food. You will discover better value for money in the favourite local restaurants. Search for set lunch specials that offer excellent value. Do not take cabs for inter-city travel.

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Tipping in Prague

Tips are generally expected only in restaurants. A tip between 5%-15% is appropriate for a restaurant bill (some restaurants indicate on menu that the final amount includes a tip, don‘t tip twice) or for a taxi driver.

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Exchange Rates for Currency

Prague tourists will usually get a superior exchange rate in Prague, for the Czech Crown, than they would in their native country, but the guidelines below ought to be noted. Should you be travelling from the United Kingdom, lots of people exchange pounds into Euros in advance of their trip. This is not required though, because you can exchange pounds directly in many of the recommended currency exchange bureaus in Prague

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Prague Discount Card

The PRAGUE CARD offers FREE ADMISSION to almost 50 top attractions, discounted entry to another 30 attractions, and comes with guidebook with information in 7 languages and detailed maps. The Prague Card also gives you exlusive special offers at tours, excursions, cruises, shoppings, restaurants and entertainment in Prague!

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Money Exchange

The official currency used in the Czech Republic is the Czech crown which has the international abbreviation CZK. The Czech Republic has been a member of the EU since May 1 2004, but didn’t enter the Euro Zone yet. You can pay for goods and services in the Czech Republic with cash and cards. There are also a lot of places in Prague where payment can be made in euros – in most retail chains, electronics shops, at petrol stations and in restaurants.

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