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Best City Views

City Spots - From the giant metronome on Letná Gardens - there used to be a statue of Stalin here. Across Lesser Town from the Observatory on Petřínn Hill. St. Vitus’ Cathedral – If you can make it up the 287 stairs to the top, you will witness a stunning view of the whole city.

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Neighbourhoods, Places to Stay

There is a large choice of accommodation in Prague, from intimate, romantic hotels based in historical town houses, to international luxurious chain hotels, such as the Ibis, Hilton and Crown Plaza. There are also B&B's and budget hostels, as well as smaller boutique hotels. Furthermore, a new trend has emerged of renting a Prague apartment for a short term period, which is particularly popular among bigger groups who prefer more self catering and privacy.

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Vyšehrad Walk

Standing tall and daunting on a steep rock overhanging Prague’s right bank, Vyšehrad’s Basilica of St Peter and St Paul is an imposing sight; one to rival that of Prague Castle on the other side of the Vltava. It’s no coincidence that Vyšehrad translates into ‘Castle on the heights’. It is thought that the site of Vyšehrad may have been that of the first ever settlement of what came to be known as Prague. Boasting its Basilica, a small amphitheatre and vineyards, perhaps Vyšehrad’s most stunning feature is its cemetery; the final resting place of many great Czechs, including Karel Čapek, Emmy Destinn, Alphonse Mucha and Antonín Dvořák.

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Along the Vltava to Vyšehrad

This walk begins outside the beautiful National Theatre, which was christened in 1881 to honour the visiting Crown Prince Rudolf of Austria. Not long after this, the Theatre was ravished by fire and had had to undergo extensive renovation before it could reopen its doors. Today it’s a fantastically decedent venue to go and enjoy cheap, surtitled opera.

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Vysehrad was founded sometime in the 10th century, undoubtedly later than Prague Castle (Prazsky hrad) had been founded and for centuries it also remained in a position subordinate to Prague Castle.

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Vyšehrad Tour

Vyšehrad offers visitors to Prague a pleasant, relaxed walk lasting about two to three hours. Even though it is situated close to the city centre, you will be in quiet surroundings out of traffic. Due to its position on a higher rock just above the Vltava river, it offers beautiful panoramic views over part of Prague.

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