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Neighbourhoods, Places to Stay

There is a large choice of accommodation in Prague, from intimate, romantic hotels based in historical town houses, to international luxurious chain hotels, such as the Ibis, Hilton and Crown Plaza. There are also B&B's and budget hostels, as well as smaller boutique hotels. Furthermore, a new trend has emerged of renting a Prague apartment for a short term period, which is particularly popular among bigger groups who prefer more self catering and privacy.

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Žižkov Television Tower

The Žižkov Television tower is Prague's most disliked and highest structure standing at seven hundred and nine feet (two hundred and sixteen metres) tall. Up close, it is an imposing, post-modern style of architectural design characterised by the disturbing image of numerous giant baby statues making their way up its' sides, crafted by the designer David Černý.

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This district is named in honour of Jan Žižka, the leader of the Hussite army. It is located southwards of Žižkov Hill, which was the area where the Vitkov Hill Battle occurred, on the 14th July 1420. In this battle, Žižka's army of peasants decisively beat the troops of the Holy Roman Emperor, Sigismund.

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