Žižkov Television Tower

The Žižkov Television tower (Žižkovská televizní věž) is Prague’s most disliked and highest structure standing at seven hundred and nine feet (two hundred and sixteen metres) tall. Up close, it is an imposing, post-modern style of architectural design characterised by the disturbing image of numerous giant baby statues making their way up its’ sides, crafted by the designer David Černý.

Started in the 1970’s, for the purpose of jamming Western German TV transmissions, this tower has only been completely operational since the 1990’s. During the process of building it though, the Communists decided to destroy some of a local Jewish graveyard which had featured in the locale from 1787 to 1891; in the north west of this tower, however, a smaller part of this graveyard still survives.

The 3 pods that are situated directly underneath the tower’s top decks, are utilized for apparatus relating to the structure’s main purpose and are not accessible to the general public. The 6 pods that are left are accessible to tourists and the tallest of these has observation areas at three hundred and twenty eight feet (one hundred metres), offering breathtaking views of Prague and its’ surrounding areas.

To reach this tower, catch the underground train to Jiřího z Poděbrad then walk north east for two blocks – it is hard not to see it.


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