Unique Ways to Explore Prague

The majority of travel agencies in Prague employ staff who speak English. Many have become skilled at arranging travel that is sports-related, with anything on offer from scenic flights and parachuting to climbing. Regardless of if you select a high-octane pursuit, such as bungee jumping, or a more calm scenic plane ride over Prague, or possibly a more traditional activity like cycling, kayaking, or Segway tour, you will discover one distinctively Czech characteristic— participants generally finish up in a local pub, boasting about their tales of adventure over tankards of beer.

Prague Vintage Cars

Drive Down the Streets in a Vintage Automobile

What better way to explore Prague’s unique, old-world beauty than in a classic vintage car from the 1920s or ‘30s? An increasing number of tour operators have begun offering antique car tours recently, and the vintage beauties are now a familiar sight around Prague’s historical sites. Some of the tour operators include Prague Vintage Cars, CityDiscovery, and Prague Private Guides. You can book in advance or pick up a ride from Malá Strana at the end of Charles Bridge. Prices range from 770 CZK to 1900 CZK depending on the company, number of passengers, and the duration of the ride. website

Historic TramGlide Through Town on the Historic Tram Line No. 91

Step into one of the famous trams on Prague’s No. 91 Line and take a step back in time. Trams have been a part of the city since the days of horse-drawn carriages, but the distinctive red trams of the No. 91 Line were retired from general use in 1974. Now they are brought out on weekends and national holidays between March and November so that you can enjoy a nostalgic ride along its cobbled streets. Check the city transport website ( for ticket prices and timetables.

Rent Your Very Own Tram

Travelling by tram on a good day is one of the best ways to see Prague. And even more unique is to rent a private historical tram with 26 seats. Forget about Prague’s overcrowded trams; there will be plenty of room for all friends or family. If the views themselves won’t be enough, you might even have a party there with refreshments and entertainment provided at an extra charge. Prices start at 3800 CZK per hour, and the ride can commence at any tram stop you wish. website

Flight over PragueSoar Through the Sky in an Airplane or Helicopter

Experience the beauty of Prague from the air on one of AeroPrague’s sightseeing aeroplane or helicopter tours. These one-of-a-kind flights can take you over the city or over the nearby Karlštejn Castle. All flights take off from a small airport in the outlying district of Letňany. Check the website ( for details.

Helicopter Rides

Helicopter rides start at 20,000 CZK and can accommodate up to five passengers. Reservations should be made well in advance; however, two days in advance is often possible. From Prague, helicopters depart from Prague Airport or Letňany.

Hot Air BallooningFloat Through the Air in a Hot Air Balloon

Whether looking for a romantic outing or a group adventure, there is nothing like floating through the air in a hot air balloon. Especially on a sunny day, seeing the picturesque Czech countryside from the skies or the Prague rooftops is a must-do. A few companies offer one-hour or longer flights that take you all over Prague’s surrounding countryside, including Karlštejn Castle and Konopiště Castle. Check the websites for current ticket prices.

Letime Balonem

Departures from all around the Czech Republic. Prices from 3500 CZK. website

Balon Centrum

A hot air balloon over Prague’s historic centre is attached to a fixed cable – so you don’t need to worry about floating away. It rises 80 metres (about 265 ft.) above the Charles Bridge, providing an amazing panoramic view of Prague. website

Ballooning CZ

departs from Konopiště castle and the flight will take you to the beautiful area of southern Bohemia for roughly one hour. website

Bungee Jumps

Bungee Jumps PragueCopy the local people and try jumping off a bridge… Throughout the summertime, KI Bungee Jump ( allows you to do exactly that: from June-September (although, only at weekends), there are frequent plummeting sessions from Zvikovské podhradí, which is a bridge standing high above the Vltava. Prices are around 900 CZK to 1000 CZK for each jump and make sure you book in advance. KI Bungee also offers lower adrenaline activities like rafting, kayaking and team-building pursuits for up to thirty people at a time, as well as walking on hot coals. This last-mentioned activity could have been inspired by Czech TV, where several reality shows have featured good looking contestants pushing themselves to their limits to conquer their deepest fears.


Sky Dive PragueThe present trend with skydiving is for clients to be fastened to an instructor to experience free fall on their initial jump without needing to undergo the normal regimen of line jump training. Skyservice and Paraškola Impact provide this service, and the staff will even film your excitement as a memento. Regrettably, free-falling is only allowed outside of Prague, although organisers will pick clients up and transport them to the small airport nearby on Prague’s outskirts.

Paraškola Impact

Dolní Twelve, Nusle, Prague Four ( Prices: Basic course 2000 CZK. Tandem jumps 3500 CZK. Jump and video 5100 CZK. In spite of its regrettable name, Impact is a reputable parachuting school that provides advanced and basic courses and tandem jumps (that do not require any training).


Kunětická Two, Nové Město, Prague Two ( Prices: Basic course 2000 CZK. Tandem jumps 3800 CZK. Skydiving is not permitted in the New Town: The above listing relates to the office of a company based in Prague which arranges airfield jumps in Prostějov or Příbram.

Other Special Sightseeing Tours

Ekoexpres; eco train, departs from Old Town Square (March to November).

Ebike Prague Tours; guided electric bike tours.

Ecotours; guided tours on electric bikes, bicycles and Segways.

Prague Sightseeing Train

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