Taxis in Prague

Most complains about prague taxis are related to overcharging

Taxis in PraguePrague is a very popular destination for its beauty but is also famous thanks to the city dishonest taxi drivers operating there, famous for ripping off anyone who looks like a tourist – including mayor Pavel Bém who was famously posing with a fake moustache on his undercover inspection trip.


Taxi service in Prague

Taxi PragueEvery taxi is obliged to be marked with a black and yellow sign “Taxi ” on its roof. On both front doors, there should be not only the evidence number but also a basic price list. A similar, but more detailed one can be found inside the car, as well as the driver’s card and the taximeter. When a customer finishes his/her ride, he must be given a counterfoil from the taximeter printer and he/she pays the price indicated on the taximeter. When the taxi driver wants to negotiate the price, it is a sign that he is requesting more than the right price would be. Prague City Hall states that taxi drivers may charge its clients a maximum of 28 CZK per kilometer. However, some charge even more than 99 CZK (four euro).


Call a reputable radio-car firm or pre-book online

If at all possible call a cab, don’t hail one on the street. Taxi AAA + 420 222 333 222, Profi Taxi +420 844 700 800, Prague Airport Transfers +420 222 554 211.


Taxi from Prague Airport

Getting from or to the Prague Airport on time always tends to be a bit stressful. You might be just as well off using public transport or taking a regular taxi and hoping that they will not overcharge you. Of course, you do have these options. Recent inspection of Czech taxi drivers again produces disappointment.

Almost half of inspected taxi drivers are breaking the law and other regulations. One of the most common offences is overcharging of customers through not correctly informing about price. Other offences include incorrect charging of extra fees and supplements and using some crooked business practices. This data comes from the Czech Trade Government Inspection office from 144 randomly checked cabbies during the first quarter of 2009. The inspection also discovered that one of the drivers used an illegal taxi meter, which resulted in inflated taxi fares. One “positive” figure is that the city of Prague is not the worst in the chart. In Prague, out of 43 cabbies, 16 violated the law, but in some regions like South Bohemia and Vysocina the statistics are even worse (from 12 cabbies, 10 failed).

However there are some private airport transfer companies which will provide you with the comfort of knowing that after you arrive at Prague Airport, their chauffeur will be waiting to pick you up and take you and your luggage to your destination, without any hassle. Most of them have fixed prices and thus your peace of mind when travelling to Prague is guaranteed.



FOR BOOKING IN PRAGUE CALL 14014 or 222 333 222; Company: A A A radiotaxi s.r.o. AAA Taxi operators speaks English.

Major Taxi operator in Prague estabilished in 1990. The A A A Taxi radio-central control has been striving to troop the colours of soundness in the field of Prague taxi transport. They are the largest Prague’s taxi service. AAA Taxi was also rated as the best taxi company in Prague in several Czech newspapers (MF Dnes, PraguePost).

Quick service and English speaking operators, as well as consistent pricing make AAA an essential addition to your mobile’s phonebook. Using GPS they can tell you exactly where all their cars are at any time and just how long you’ll have to wait for your ride.

– Services provided by AAA Taxi Praha:
– Taxi service within Prague, Czech Republic as well as to abroad.
– Food and small objects home delivery.
– Driving your car to your home (drink service).
– Cargo transportation agency.
– Transporting more persons (large size vehicles).
– Courier services (daily on the routes of 2 500 km throughout the Czech Republic).
– Immediate computerized localization of the closest vehicle.
– Information on an estimated ride price in advance.
– Free vehicle arrival within Prague.

You can also order your taxi by SMS, just send a text to 606 999 069 in the format “ORD (your name) * (address for pickup)” for an immediate pickup. if you want to specify a time, add ” * (DD.MM) * (HH:MM)”.


Profi Taxi

Major Taxi operator in Prague. Similar pricing as AAA Taxi but much smaller taxi fleet. ProfiTaxi is the second largest taxi company operating in the territory of the capital city of Prague. This taxi company provides the following transportation services.
* Taxi service in the Prague territory, Czech Republic as well as abroad
* Parcel pick-up and delivery.
* Cargo transportation agency.
* Transporting more persons by minibuses.
* Weddings.
* Children’s transport to school facilities.
* Collective transportation.
* V.I.P. service.
* Credit cards accepted.
*Rides on invoice.


Listing of Taxi Services

AAA Taxi

Address: Wuchterlova 7, Prague 6

Website:; Phone +420 222 333 222


Prague Airport Transfers

Komonická 7, Prague 6 +420 222 554 211

Website:; Phone: +420 222 554 211



Address:  Zelený Pruh 52, Prague 4

Website:;  Phone: +420 257 257 257


Halo Taxi

Address:  Vinohradská 158, Prague 3

Website:; Phone: +420 244 114 411


Proti Taxi

Address: Mezi vodami 27, Prague 4

Website:;  Phone: +420 261 314 151


Sedop Taxi

Address: Švehlova 1435/25, Prague 10

Website:; Phone: +420 271 722 222


Modrý Anděl

Address: Cukrovarska 21, Prague 9

Website:; Phone: +420 737 222 333


Rychlá želva

Address:Smotlachova 1, Prague 4 Kamýk

Website:; Phone: +420 244 911 111


Taxi Praha

Address:  Vrchlického 9, Prague 5

Website:; Phone: +420 222 111 000


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