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Arriving in Prague and Getting Around

Prague Airport Buses to Dejvice metro station depart every 10 minutes from 4am to midnight (32 CZK, plus 16 CZK per large piece of luggage). A taxi to the city centre costs around 600 CZK. It’s recommended to book your airport transport online with PragueAirportTransfers.

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Getting a Taxi at Night

Getting a cab in Prague especially at night might be quite a problem as you might end up with an inflated price. Except for the routes from the airport or train station, taxis are most often taken late and after a night out, when we are, perhaps, less in the mood to discuss the route or even properly remember it.

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Prague Taxi Fares

Prague City Council has cracked down on the city’s notoriously dishonest taxi drivers by installing a network of taxi stands with red-and-yellow signs quoting the correct fares between various parts of the city, but in reality Prague’s taxi drivers try to cheat passengers on many occations.

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Taxis in Prague

Prague is very popular destination for its beauty but is also famous thanks to the city dishonest taxi drivers operating there, famous for ripping off anyone who looks like a tourist - including mayor Pavel Bém who was famously posing with a fake moustache on his undercover inspection trip.

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