Prague Taxi Fares

Taxi Prague StandPrague City Council has cracked down on the city’s notoriously dishonest taxi drivers by installing a network of taxi stands with red-and-yellow signs quoting the correct fares between various parts of the city, but in reality Prague’s taxi drivers try to cheat passengers on many occations.

The official rate for licensed cabs is 40 CZK flag fall plus 28 CZK per kilometre and 6 CZK per minute while waiting. On this basis, any trip within the city centre – say, from Wenceslas Square to Lesser Town – should cost around 140 to 200 CZK. A trip to the suburbs should be around 400 CZK to 500 CZK, and to the airport between 500 CZK and 650 CZK. Journeys outside Prague are not regulated; negotiate a fare before you get in. For trips from the airport we recommend pre-book shuttle transport with the reliable Prague Airport Transfers company. However, hailing a taxi on the street – at least in a tourist zone – still holds the risk of an inflated fare. The usual tactic is to quote a ‘maximum’ fare for a given destination, then drive around long enough to ensure that the meter clocks up the quoted maximum. You’re much better off calling a radio-taxi than flagging one down, as they’re better regulated and more responsible. From our experience AAA Radio Taxi and Taxi Praha have honest drivers (most of whom speak a little English) and offer 24-hour services.

Prague Yellow Taxis

AAA Radiotaxi and Prague Airport Transfers are consistently the best companies.

Prague Taxi complaints

The most prevalent complaint from tourists to Prague is usually about taxis. After many years of public control, all taxis have become privately operated. This transition resulted in so many dishonest drivers who are out to charge as much as they can get away with. To avoid unpleasant situations, we are giving you some advice. It is preferable not to use taxis parked in front of railway stations or tourist areas (close to the Wenceslas Square, Old Town Square etc.). If you have to hail a cab in the street, always make sure that you ask for an approximate price beforehand, or confirm the rates shown on the passenger door with the meter. We recommend you call the taxi by phone or book online. Furthermore ask them to give you an indicative estimated price for your planned journey.

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Most parts of central Prague have meter zones with fees from 30 CZK to 120 CZK per hour (or you can arrange a long-term parking permit). There are some car parks close to metro stations plus underground car parks. To reduce congestion in the city, Park&Ride parking places are used on the outskirts of Prague.