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Prague Erotic Massages

Erotic MassagePrague is not only the perfect setting for strolls along beautiful, romantic cobblestoned streets while discovering historic sights at every turn, but also offers an array of relaxation experiences. The choice is vast, ranging from the traditional massage parlours to the recently more popular Thai massage shops; or you can venture even further, to the erotic/tantric massage clubs. It is important to note that most massage clubs have a strict ‘no sex’ rule, including oral. Rather, you can expect tantra massage as a holistic ritual with elements of classic massage and tantra erotic massage. During a tantra massage, you will encounter a variety of touches – for example, ablution with warm cloths, soft stroking and dynamic rubbing. Each massage establishment offers different packages of erotic massages; for specific offers, check each listed website.


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Relaxation Massage (Erotic massage Praha)

Massages available: Aphrodisiac massage, Costume massage, STRIP massage, “TSUNAMI” erotic massage which intensifies potency, Royal erotic VIP massage performed by three girls, Double erotic massage, Effective lesbian massage, Exclusive Thai erotic massage “Three-in-One”, Imperial SPA massage with Thai herbs and Unique GEISHA massage.

Website: www.erotic-massage-praha.cz


Massage Luxury

We are glad to invite you to our discreet salon in Prague, I.P. Pavlova, where you can receive a complete relaxation and erotic massage. We offer you erotic, tantric and nuru massages of the whole body (head, nape, spine, back, arms, legs), as well as groin massage. Our masseuses offer you body to body massage, breast massage, prostate massage, shared shower (aqua massage), self-pleasuring and mutual satisfaction, completed with hand climax.

Website: www.masaze-luxury.cz/en/


Massage Andilek

Relaxation, strain softening, getting rid of stress and tension, but also amazing excitement and passion. All of these are encompassed in the term ‘relaxation erotic massage and nuru massages’. The soft touch of our hands will make your stress disappear and give you a feeling of joy and happiness.

Website: www.masaze-andilek.cz


Hanka Massage

Get spoiled by sympathetic, experienced and sexy masseuse. Within a themed, very pleasant environment, you’ll get everything we read from your eyes. We have only one rule, which is—according to our theory—much more exciting and sexy. All erotic services are provided by hands only.

Website:  www.masaze-hanka.cz


Tantra Massage Prague

Tantra massage combines elements of ancient tantra-Taoist techniques and massages with an atmosphere of sensual, intimate ritual that will raise your energy levels and fill you with excitement, tenderness and a sense of vitality and inspiration. Tantra massage is based on personal approach, sensitive attention and deep knowledge of energy work to help you relax and discover an ecstatic experience through the intimacy of your own body.

Website: www.tantramasaze.com


Tantra Patricia

At Tantra Patricia massage studio in Prague, we specialise in tantric massages for men, women, and couples, which we have perfected over time into today’s renowned method, as well as Taoist massages. To us, the entire massage is a ceremony, and touch is one of the means of communication by which we can direct the generated energy for your benefit, pleasure, and personal spiritual growth and healing.

Website: www.tantramassage.cz


Massage Prague NON-STOP

Naturally, there is no precise classification for erotic massages. But still, if we try, it’s possible to define its various forms: fabulous relaxation, which magnificently combines both eroticism and massage! When you enter our salon in Prague, you will immediately feel a burst of erotic energy as you will be met by our beautiful masseuses. Afterwards, the girls will offer you a choice of erotic massages from a vast range of attractive massages.

Website:  www.massage-prague.com



This is a tantric massage temple in Prague. Our massages go deep into the subtle structure of your being, awakening the energy, gradually purifying and tonifying the energy channels of your body known as meridians, bringing about a deep relaxation that will leave you refreshed and invigorated. We invite you to the temple of sacred pleasure—an oasis of harmony and peace, where every moment becomes an endearment for the soul.

Website: www.lakshmi.cz


Erotic Massage

We carry out our massages in a private erotic studio in Prague. Confidentiality is guaranteed. The erotic massage begins with an aromatic bath accompanied by relaxing music, all in the presence of the girl you have selected. After the bath, your topless masseuse will start the erotic massage. This is a whole body massage and it is up to you which parts of your body you wish to have massaged. Just before the end of the massage, your girl will bring you to climax in ecstasy. Our brilliant masseuses at Erotic Massages Prague are looking forward to your visit.

Website: www.eroticmassage.cz


Tantra Salon Prague

Discover the magic hands of this salon’s masseuses. The Tantra Salon teaches people to develop sexuality to the highest possible dimension according to Taoist and tantric teachings. We use simple methods, to give people the tools to achieve the most satisfying intimate life.

Website: www.tantrasalon.cz



Wide range of massages: Tantric, Chinese, Indian, Erotic, Therapeutic, Sports and Relaxation.

Website: www.ilandra.com


Tantric Massage

This tantra oasis will help you leave behind the worries and sorrows of your hectic everyday life. Come here to completely relax and recover your energy. The massage club offers popular tantra massage, relaxation massage and a romantic massage, suitable for men, women and couples.

Website: www.tantraoaza.cz


Tantra Centrum

Visit the centre of tantric massage in Prague, which offers tantric and health massage.

Website: www.tantracentrum.cz


Dancing Siva (Tantric Massages)

Website: www.masaz-tantra.cz/en


Rad Doteku (Paradise of Touch)

Our massage is based on the stimulation of the muscles and canalisation of the flow of energy in the body using pressure, friction, or movements. In addition to muscle relaxation, self-treatment processes are initiated within the body.

Website: www.raj-doteku.cz/en/


Tajne Milenky (Secret Mistresses)

A pleasant, calm and discreet massage studio in the centre of the city. We have perfected special oil massages using body and breasts, which lead to much wilder orgasm.

Website: www.tajnemilenky.cz


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