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Visit a city where the history of the industrial revolution produces a memorable ambience – enter Ostrava, a place packed with an industrial heritage that is both original and current. The old industrial complexes either have been renovated or are presently being renovated into new entertainment, educational and leisure zones.


These days, the Lower Vitkovice Area (which the Rothchilds originally founded) is a compound that offers a guided tour of its’ blast furnace and historical works. This multi-purpose venue was formerly a Gas Container. The museum there (called the “World of Technology”) is popular with both children and adults, who can interact with the exhibits.

If mining is more to your liking, then at Landek Park, you can head down the pit like a real miner! Alternatively, you can sample a bit of mining culture by wearing the Miners’ Flag (which bears traditional mining colours) or consuming some authentic miner’s food. Remember to take a trip on the miner’s train. Michal Mine is the most historically significant former mine. Here, you can trace the footsteps that the miners took each day at work.

You might run into a film crew while exploring the industrial areas of Ostrava because the city has become a popular setting for movies, movie trailers and music videos.

Nowhere else in the world can you go to see a castle whose entire structure has sunk sixteen metres into the earth due to coal mining. Silesian Ostrava Castle fits this description, and it has been recently renovated and opened to visitors. From the Czech Republic’s tallest viewing tower, you can get great views of the green city.

Should you wish to bask in a cosmopolitan and international ambience, travel to Ostrava while some of the large events are happening. These events include the Colours of Ostrava music festival and the Golden Spike, Usain Bolt’s athletic event of choice. Also, with some international meetings, you can take part yourself.

Make sure you sample the culture of Ostrava, represented by top class shows in concert halls, theatres, museums, galleries and music clubs. Have a drink in the café, which dates back to the fondly remembered era of the 1st Republic, and become inspired by the renowned writers or actors who formerly occupied the location you are in. With more than sixty restaurants, bars, clubs and pubs, Stodolní Street is the ideal place to conclude your day.

Travelling There: Ostrava is approximately 300 kilometres from Prague and is best accessed by Student Agency Regiojet train, or Pendolino train. The journey lasts more than three hours.

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