Adult Nightclubs

Adult Nightclubs

Gentleman’s Clubs Around Wenceslas Square

Wenceslas Square should be the central and main attraction of the capital. Instead, it is quite dilapidated and noisy, and after dusk, it is better not to venture there at all. The gentleman’s club scene in the city centre area near Wenceslas Square is dominated by giant “cabarets” like Darling Cabaret, K5 Cabaret, Hot Peppers and Goldfingers, which employ several hundred beautiful girls, go-go girls not included. The largest cabaret in central Prague, near Wenceslas Square, sometimes has up to 150 girls on five stages and in three bars; similar ones nearby have about 80 girls to choose from. Many of the downtown clubs pay someone to entice you off the street and into their nearby establishment. Those establishments cater mostly to foreign visitors and, from the local perspective, are heavily overpriced, but on the other hand, they offer very sexy beauties. The final piece of advice is that when you enter a club, you should always check the prices of the services and drinks first, and then enjoy them. It might save you a big surprise when the bill arrives. Some sex clubs on Ve Smečkách, Melantrichova and Skořepka, close to Wenceslas square, regularly rip off unsuspecting tourists and might be dangerous. They are packed mainly with younger Russian and Czech girls. This district is among the popular places for British stag parties.

Limousine with Lap Dancer – Book Lincoln or Hummer limo from Airport. Party balloons, champagne.

The Night Gym Club

The newly opened club, the Night Gym, offers everything you require: Champagne rooms, wonderful cocktails, stunning ladies, show lounges for training and exercising, great shows – and all this for an affordable price.

Address: Anenská 203 / 1, Praha One.

Doors open at 20:00. website

Sweet Paradise

With at least twenty girls every night in this adult club, there are special services available and long-term escorts.  In addition, there is a tiki bar and basic theme rooms.  They also take foreign currency.

Address:  Prague 3, Slezska 75, Jiriho z Podebrad, website

Hours:  Noon until 5:00 am

The Sexy Sauna Club

This club will spice up your evening with a range of massages and a selection of ladies. An unrestricted, all-inclusive visiting fee provides soft drinks, food, and XXXL whirlpool, a Finnish sauna etc.

Address: Ve Smečkách Nineteen, Prague One. website

Opening Times: 12:00 to 05:00.

The Sugar’s Cabaret

You can sample a complimentary beer whilst you enjoy one of the lesbian, autoerotic or strip shows offered at this club. If you wish, you can inject some more excitement into your evening with a selection of 7 rooms – 1 of which contains a whirlpool. Also, different theme nights add more spice to your time at the club as well.

Address: Krakovská 25, Prague One.

Opening Times: 19:00 to 07:00.

The Exclusive AAA Club

In Prague, strip clubs are all too common; however, the Exclusive Club sets a new standard. Recently opened, they accept reservations and offer a VIP area, free entrance and welcoming drinks. Beautiful girls and a calendar of events are both provided.

Address: Just away from the centre, Šrobárova Six, Prague Ten.

Opening Times: 19:00 to 04:00, Wednesdays, Thursdays 19:00 to 05:00, Fridays, Saturdays 20:00 to 06:00. website

The Club 600

A compact club that entertains customers from 15:00 until well past midnight. There are many Czech ladies on-call to offer whatever help and relaxation you desire.

Address: Koněvova Sixty-Six, Prague Three.

Opening Times: 19:00 to 05:00.  website

Lotos Club

This newly renovated club specializes in luxury.  This gentleman’s club comes with young girls, a pool and even an S&M room.  Look for over twenty girls each night.

Address:  Prague 4, Kupeckeho 832, website

Hours:  Open 24 hours

Neon Club

Complete with escort services, strippers and lap dancers, the first floor also contains sex toys with a cocktail bar and more dancing girls on the second floor.  If you climb one more flight to the third, you will find even more girls.

Address:  Prague 2, Balbinova 21, website

Hours:  Noon until 5:00 am

Red Light Praha

You will find all kind of things going on in this one location between a sex supermarket, peep show and video rooms. There is something always happening at the Red Light.  There is even a sex shop for those who want to take something other than your ordinary souvenirs back home.

Address:  K-1, Prague 7, Bubenske nabrezi, website

Hours:  Sex Park open 24 hours, shop – Monday through Friday 10:00am until 7:00pm, Saturday 10:00am until 3:00pm

Laura Club

This club is home to numerous Czech strippers on three nights a week.  You can also take them back to a private room if you prefer that.  On the other four nights of the week, there is still plenty of girl action in numerous ways.

Address:  Prague 3, Jeseniova 166, website

Hours: Noon until 5:00 am

A Velvet

This adult club is home to bubble baths, free minibar, escort services and video.  A call ahead will have a taxi waiting on you to take you to A Velvet.

Address:  Prague 4, Ve Svahu 13, Vysehrad, website

Hours:  Open 24 hours

Big Sister

This is Prague’s first online brothel and contains 40 girls and 58 cameras, all being uploaded to the internet thanks to 17 video streams.  There is a 500 CZK, and then the girls are free.  There is also a pool, sauna and show bar complete with lap dancers.  There are special deals available on Saturday and Sunday.

Address:  Prague 5, Nadrazni 46, website

Hours:  6:00pm until 4:00am

A Club 161

This small house will have between two and twelve girls and a bar complete with a stripper pole.  Upstairs there are four rooms and a Jacuzzi.  In addition, there is an S&M room complete with lots of toys.  Free entrance as well.

Address: Prague 8, Sokolovska 161, website

Hours:  Monday – Friday Noon until 6:00 am, Saturday and Sunday 8:00 pm until 6:00 am


There are thirty girls on stage each night, as well as a spacious room and a Jacuzzi to choose from.  The strip shows are always popular, and there is soft S&M, services for couples and escort service.  In addition, there is an ATM in case you run low on funds.

Address:  Praha 4, Kresomyslova 5, website

Hours:  Open 24 hours

Extasy Cabaret

Extasy will have a courtesy call pick you up anywhere in Prague.  There are also imaginative shoes plus massage, numerous rooms and a waterbed.  There are also film and photo shoots.

Address:  Prague 3, Chlumova 13, website

Hours:  Monday-Friday Noon until 6:00 am, Saturday and Sunday 8:00 pm until 6:00 am

Hot Pepper’s

This exclusive club is located next to the disco Duplex and comes with a professional presentation.  The VIP lounge comes with numerous brands of Champagne.  The all-night party includes exotic dancers, a lesbian show, a stage show and private parties.  There is free entry, two for one beer and many other offers.

Address:  Prague 1, Wenceslas Sq. 21, website

Hours:  Open 8:30pm until 5:00am

Private Clubs in Apartments

Cuddly Students – website

Sweet Kisseswebsite

Privat Hajewebsite

Top Privatwebsite


SexNo1 – website

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