Entertainment in Prague

No matter where you turn in this city, there is always something going on to catch the imagination. From classical concerts in grand buildings to smooth jazz in smoky bars, and from pumping nightclubs to traditional old pubs, everyone will find something they love in this cosmopolitan city. There are even a number of black-light theatres, which are essentially a type of pantomime and are one of the true experiences that everyone should see.

Entertainment in Prague

On the downside, Prague has become an extremely tourist-centric place and as such many of the different establishments have really upped their prices in recent years. Even places such as churches now charge for performances during the night, and these are often not as exciting as they might seem when you first look at the flier. It is also the case that a number of party tourists now descend on the city in search of cheap beer and strip clubs, although it is very easy to avoid them by steering clear of Wenceslas Square in the evenings.

One of the most exciting places to visit is without doubt Old Town (Stare Mesto), which has a huge number of bars, theatres and live music. The best – and most expensive – are all found in Parizska, but there are equally good places to frequent in the area between Old Town Square and Narodni. There are many clubs in the area between Smichov and Holesovice, while art-house cinemas can be found dotted around Hard-edged Zizkov, which is also home to Prague’s gay scene. For those who consider themselves to be young and hip, the best place to visit is the area of Myslikova, which has an abundance of cosmopolitan bars, clubs and cafes.

There are several different publications in Prague that will give any tourist a guide to the best places to visit at any time. Perhaps the best of these is the Prague Post, which details any events in the upcoming weeks. Other good publications include the Prague Monthly Guide and Welcome to Prague. Heart of Europe is a monthly magazine that caters to the more culturally aware, with details of galleries and theatres found among the many pages. For the gay scene, Amiga magazine is the publication of choice for most in the city.

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