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Entertainment in Prague

No matter where you turn in this city, there is always something going on to catch the imagination. From classical concerts in grand buildings to smooth jazz in smoky bars, and from pumping nightclubs through to traditional old pubs, everyone will find something that they love in this cosmopolitan city.

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Art, Culture and Leisure

Prague is considered by many to one of the most romantic cities in the world, with images of streetlights reflecting brightly in the Vltava River springing instantly to mind. This air of romance has inspired many of the world’s greatest musicians and artists to visit and even stay here, such as Mozart, Beethoven and Dvorak.

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Going Out in Prague / Entertainment Options

Prague after dark offers a wide range of places where you can party all night, or opt for a more relaxed evening with a trip to a theatre, art-house cinema or jazz club. Entertainment also takes the shape of art museums and galleries, operas and orchestras, arena concerts, with a calendar year jam-packed with festivals celebrating everything from the wine harvest to Techno, Rave and African dance. We've rounded up the best of Prague nightlife, collecting tips, picks and advice from travellers, to bring you an insider's guide to a night on the town.

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Czech Classical Music

Prague has played host to a huge amount of different composers in its long history. Mozart visited here often, as did Haydn and Tchaikovsky, with the former even naming one of his pieces after the city. It isn’t just visitors to the city who have put Prague on the classical map though, as there are a number of composers to have been born in the country, with the most famous of these being the world renowned Dvorak.

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