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Musican in PraguePrague is considered by many to one of the most romantic cities in the world, with images of streetlights reflecting brightly in the Vltava River springing instantly to mind. This air of romance has inspired many of the world’s greatest musicians and artists to visit and even stay here, such as Mozart, Beethoven and Dvorak. Even today, some cultural vultures can still be found descending on the city to paint, take photographs and generally soak up the atmosphere.

Because Prague has been such a hotspot for these kinds of pursuits for so long, a cultured and vibrant city has sprung up, with a massive amount of citizens counting trips to the theatre and art galleries as an example of a great day out. Concerts and other performances are also incredibly popular. The tickets are cheap because prices are restricted to allow people from all walks of life the opportunity to enjoy them.

Prague isn’t just about theatre and culture, though – there are some more hedonistic experiences available as well! The Czech Republic is one of the world’s largest producers of beers – and one of the world’s largest consumers – and most locals can be found swigging a few pints at least a couple of times every week. There are many different bars and clubs to enjoy this beverage, ranging from cool jazz clubs to traditional Czech watering holes.

Old Town Square
Music is central to the Czech culture. There’s even a saying, ‘every Czech is a musician.’

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