Rock Clubs

Rock Café

This is a nice live music disco. The club’s ground floor houses Jim Beam Bar, an internet café, concert hall, CD bazaar, and a store that sells recording and sound equipment. The Absolute Bar offering a complete assortment of Absolut vodka, a movie theatre, and a gallery are located in the basement.

Location: Národní Třída 20, Old Town; Admission: free-150 CZK.

Open: Mon-Fri 10-3am; Sat 7pm-3am.

Malostranská Beseda

Malá Strana’s four-storey pleasure palace reopened in 2010 after a five-year reconstruction hiatus. The fabled music club on the 2nd floor is back and better than ever, with a lively roster of cabaret acts, jazz and old Czech rockers. There’s now an art gallery on the top floor and a big beer hall in the basement. The ground floor offers an inviting – if a bit too small – cafe on one side and a decent Pilsner Urquell–concept restaurant on the other.

Location: Malostranské náměstí 21, Lesser Town Square;;  Addmission for shows 150-250 CZK.

Vagon Club

With its entrance tucked away in a shopping arcade, Vagon is more like a student union bar than a club as such, but it always has a friendly, chilled-out atmosphere. There’s live music pretty much every night, from local blues artists, through Pink Floyd and Led Zep tribute bands, to classic Czech rock bands, including regular performances by Plastic People of the Universe. From midnight into the small hours, the dancing continues as a DJ-hosted ‘rockothèque’.

Location: Národní 25 (Palace Metro), Prague 1. Admission: free after 11 pm otherwise 100 CZK.

Open: MON-SAT  7pm-5am;  SUN 7pm-01am.

Klub 007 Strahov

Klub 007 is one of several grungy student clubs in the basements of the big college dormitory blocks in Strahov. The legendary 007 has been around since 1987 when it focused on underground music and is now famed for its devotion to hardcore, punk, ska, ragga, jungle, ambient and other alternative sounds.

Address: Block 7, Chaloupeckého 7;  Admission 50-250 CZK;

Fatal Music Club

This is the essential Žižkov club – scruffy, laid-back, eclectic and great fun. There’s a lively bar at street level, all red-brick arches and wood-and-leather booths, plus a cavern-like club venue that hosts local DJs and lives music (from hardcore rock to acoustic singer-songwriters).

Address: Rokycanova 29, admission free;

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