Inline Skating in Prague

Inline skating is a popular sport where skates have two to five polyurethane tires arranged in a single line. Inline skates are designed with special boots that support these tires. Currently, the five-tire skates are no longer being manufactured. These inline designs allow the skaters greater speed and manoeuvrability. The boots are made in a way that allows skaters to move around obstacles easily. Inline skating can be practised in parks, open centres, off roads and skate parks.

This popular recreational sport is practised in many centres and parks. The experienced and professional skaters have their own special lanes, while newbies have the asphalt lane specially designed for less experienced skaters.

Apart from countless things to do in Prague, there are many sports centres for sports enthusiasts. Zlute Lazne is a beautiful green area with wonderful areas for cycling, relaxation and inline skating. Sports enthusiasts find many energy shops along the way as they choose their favourite sport and take advantage of the beautiful scenery. Inline skates can also be rented here.

Ladronka is a beautiful asphalt path made especially for inline skaters. The place is excellent for inline skating at times when the children aren’t practising there. It has many shops and restaurants alongside the path. Stadion Strahov is a huge parking area that is free for all inline skaters. Skaters who need to practice all day can make use of this wonderful area. The parks around the street of Letna are the closest inline skating parks to the city. The conditions there are not ideal for the skaters, but anyone who needs to practice closer to home can come here.


Prague 6 – Břevnov

Currently one of the most popular venues for in-line skating, with many bike lanes, walkways and rest points. Here you will find the longest lit in-line track in Prague (4.2 km), made up of two linked loops, the first of which is near the transmitter tower at Strahov and the second, longer one at the Vypich junction. The asphalt surface is of very high quality, and there is virtually no incline. You can rent skates in the local shop. Pay attention to the speed limits.

Inline aerobic

Various locations in Prague;

In-line aerobic is exercising to slower, “funky” music, in which you’ll get to flex your knees and bend your whole body, and all this, of course, on in-line skates. The lessons are aimed at those who’ve never stood on skates. The group also provides a broad range of courses on in-line skating.

In-line rental shops

Inline Special Letná

Kamenická 19, Prague 7 – Holešovice;

Hoi sport

Modřanská 120, Prague 4 – Braník;

Koloniál Ovenec

V Podhoří, Prague 7 – Troja;

Půjčovna 22

Na Výšinách 22, Prague 7 – Bubeneč;

Ski Surf Sport

V Tůních 11, Prague 2 – Nové Město;

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