Prague is a city more commonly known for its architecture, fine cuisine and prominent cultural institutions. For the last two decades, Prague has had many cultural and sporting festivals and events in the city. Every year, sports enthusiasts from all over the globe come to compete in these events. Inline skating and skateboarding events are the most popular in Prague.

Skateboarding is a sport that has been around for many years. Children particularly enjoy this sport as every year thousands of skateboards are bought by them. Still, this sport is equally popular amongst adults. It involves balancing oneself on a board with wheels or tires underneath. It is considered both a recreational activity and a sport. It is estimated that there are around 11.08 million skateboarders around the world.

Lately, Prague has been host to a unique skateboarding event. An underground tunnel has been built in the city. This underground bypass has been built within seven years and goes underneath the city. The tunnel is called the “Tunnel Blanka” and runs 6.4 km under the city along the river Vltava. It is the longest road in the city and the longest tunnel in Prague, not to mention that it runs downhill, making it ideal for skateboarders.

Though the tunnel has been built since 2007, it has not been opened to the public. Thus, at night time, skateboarders make use of this opportunity and come to practice here. Other than this, many skate parks are now being built around the city in order to cater to the immense appreciation and eagerness for this sport.

Mystic Skatepark Štvanice

Štvanice Island, Prague 7 – Holešovice;

One of the best skateparks in Europe is for professional riders and beginners alike. Its layout is modified annually to match current trends and skateboarder’s needs. Thanks to its roofing and lighting, you can ride in the skate park throughout the year, outside the winter season (approx. December to March). The whole complex is known for its ‘chill-out’ atmosphere.

Skatepark Radotín

Prague 5 – Radotín

An ingeniously constructed skatepark, combining a small bowl and a skate-through street section, with various grind boxes, rails and radius ramps along its length.

Skatepark Řepy

Prague 6 – Řepy

A fairly demanding concrete skatepark consisting of several different kinds of obstacles. On one side is the starting radius ramp; in the centre are grind boxes with rails and a gapped pyramid. On the other side, a high bank snake runs, a two-level bowl and other obstacles.

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