Golf Courses in the Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is home to over 100 different golf courses, and this number will only grow in the future thanks to golf becoming more and more popular with residents of the country. Most of these courses are suitable for anyone from beginner to professional. They are also located near to a number of attractions, such as the many spa towns in the country and the many historic locations found in the Czech Republic.

Golf Courses in the Czech Republic

Over 50% of the 100 golf courses in the country are full 18 hole courses, which is part of the reason why the Czech Republic is known to some as the “Golf Republic”. The greatest number of courses is found in or around the capital of Prague. However, there are also many in the West Bohemia region as well – perfect for those looking to combine a relaxing stay in a spa town with some golf. North Moravia also has several courses, with the most recognisable of these being Prosper Golf Resort Celadna, a regular host of PGA European Tour events.

Castle Golf Courses

Many of the courses in the Czech Republic are located within or near old castle grounds, meaning that the surroundings are unique and often extremely beautiful. Many of the gardens are based on old English gardens, providing a wonderfully traditional golfing atmosphere. One of the best-known examples of this type, of course, is the Karlštejn Golf Resort, which provides spectacular views of Karlštejn Castle while you play your round.

Golf and Wellness

The concept of golf and wellness is something that the Czech Republic is becoming world-renowned for, with people coming to the traditional spa towns of West Bohemia to enjoy the spas themselves and the golf offered in this part of the country. Karlovy Vary, created in 1904, was the first golf course built in this area, and since then, a number of others have also been constructed. The spectacular Mariánské Lázně course, based on Scottish and Irish influences, is the best known though and was opened in 1905. It has very small greens and many bunkers, although the course is also very flat. This combination of nice lies and tricky hazards makes it an intriguing course for players of all levels.

Top Golfers in the Czech Republic

The Albatross Golf Resort was voted the best course in the Czech Republic in 2011, and it plays host to the Ladies European Tour – the players were pleased with the facilities and course on their last visit. The Albatross Golf Resort is located just a short drive from Prague, making it easy for most people to stay in the Czech Republic.

The other course often used by professional players in the Casa Serena Golf Resort, which often holds tournaments for the European Senior Tour. Golf is not the only attraction here, though, as the setting is beautiful and the town of Kutná Hora is also close by. It is also just 53km from Prague, meaning it can be reached easily.

Golf in Prague

It is possible to receive golf tuition from a number of hotels in Prague (such as Hotel Cechie and Erpet Golf Centrum) and The Golf Resort of Zbraslav. This tuition includes all the gear needed and expert tutors, and the lessons can be tailored to the individual level of the golfer in question. Some hotels in Prague even have their own golf courses.

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