Tai-chi originated in China and is often referred to as “meditation in motion”. It is known to prevent and cure various medical conditions. However, it is best if you start performing tai-chi before you acquire any chronic illness. Nevertheless, it can definitely be performed even you are not very healthy as the motion in this exercise is slow and does not cause breathlessness. The movements in tai-chi are always circular instead of the forced movements in most other types of exercise. The joints are also always completely extended, which helps to avoid causing any strain. It is most effective in slowing down the ageing process and preventing the conditions that a person starts to experience with the onset of old age.

A routine tai-chi class comprises three parts. First is the warm-up, allowing one to loosen up the joints and muscles and develop stable breathing. Next, the various movements that are part of tai-chi are performed and followed by Qigong (energy work), which is the act of spending a few minutes focusing on breathing and little movement; the purpose of this being to activate the body’s energy and de-stress oneself. Tai-chi classes are performed at a few locations in Prague, which are listed below.

Taiji Academy

Polská 1a, Prague 2 – Vinohrady;

The traditional Chinese art of tai-chi (taiji) draws from ancient Eastern traditions. It is currently practised by many people largely as a form of healthy exercise to improve their quality of life. The Academy specializes in teaching traditional Kung Fu – Chen-style t’ai chi ch’uan and breath exercises, chi kung (qigong). The exercise is suitable both for adults and children from the age of 5.

Czech Taichi Association

Tai-chi training for all age groups. The Association specializes in chi-kung (qigong), 7 relaxation exercises, a medley of 37 Yang set-pieces, a medley of 108 sword set-pieces etc. Exercising takes place in Prague 6 – Dejvice and Petřiny.

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