Cheap Activities in Prague

If you are on a low budget, Prague is a great place for you to come. It is essentially one large open air museum, which is open every day of the year and is completely free!

People Watching

People watching is something that many people love to do in Prague, and the best place for this is the Jan Hus Monument, which is in Old Town Square. Tourists flock here, and you might even be able to hear some of the commentaries from one of the many tour groups found in the area. For a more educational experience, join the free tour, starting at 11 am from the Astronomical Clock. An even better place for people watching, though, is Charles Bridge. You’ll hear all kinds of different conversations – ranging from chat up lines through to dubious selling tactics – and also get to take in the street performers found there. Throw them some change, and you can watch for as long as you like.

Peaceful Green Spaces

Sometimes you will want to find a spot where you can rest and relax, and there are plenty of these in Prague. One of these places is the gardens on the way to Petřín Hill, which are almost devoid of tourists and therefore peaceful and relaxing. The view is also stunning, looking out over the city of Prague. Other great places to head to for some relaxation are Letenské Sady, the grassy hills of Riegrovy Sady and the vine-covered Havlíčkovy Sady. For the best views, though, head to Petříin Observation Tower or the Old Town Hall.

Visit Churches

Churches are also a great place to visit if you are looking for cheap things to do in Prague. As there are many concerts held in churches, rehearsals can be found all the time. Just slip into the church and marvel at the talent of the singers and the amazing acoustics of the building.

Peek Into History

If you love museums, many in Prague offer free admission on the first Monday of the month. The National Museum is the most popular of these, although it is currently closed for renovation.  Also, make sure you look through the Prague Post for any gallery exhibitions in the city. Also, it is worth remembering that most attractions in Prague offer discounts for students and OAPs.


Synagogues are numerous in Prague, and they often charge a high price for admittance – sometimes up to 300 CZK. Many travellers have found a way to get around this fee, though – they attend one of the services held on Fridays and Saturdays at 8 pm. The morals behind this are slightly dubious, though, as these are only supposed to be open to practising Jews.

Free Wi-Fi

Many people want to stay connected to home when they are abroad, and for this, they need to get access to the internet. Luckily, Prague offers several free Wi-Fi areas, usually found in fast-food restaurants, pubs and cafes in the town centre. You will be expected to buy something to eat or drink while you’re there!

Sightseeing by Tram

For a more intimate look at the city and one that will really make you feel like a local, head down to Charles Bridge and feed the swans there. Alternatively, jump on the tram and take a journey around the city. It will cost you 32 CZK to do this, but you get to ride for up to 90 minutes. The best tram for sightseeing is, without a doubt, Number 22.

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