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Over the past few decades, many new sports and activities have been created or discovered from other parts of the world. The following is a few of these relatively new sports, which are being played and enjoyed in Prague.

Disc golf is very similar to standard golf and is played almost the same way, except that it uses a Frisbee instead of the traditional ball and club. The player must throw the Frisbee into the pole hole by overcoming obstacles in the path, which generally include trees and shrubs. The next throw needs to be made from the same place where the previous one landed. It is a fun game with such easy rules that anyone can join in. It also does well to you in terms of its physical benefits. Not only is it a way for you to work out physically, but it also helps you to improve your mental capabilities as you try to come up with a smart strategy to get past the obstacles in the path of the Frisbee.

Additionally, Prague also has arrangements made for kite flying. Kite flying with friends and family is undoubtedly a fun-filled activity. It is the most fun to take part in during the spring season and the onset of summers, as this is when there is a slow breeze in the air. Moreover, it is truly a stress-relieving activity as you get to take in some fresh air and get your mind off everything else. Unlike some other sports, you do not need to spend a lot of time learning how to fly a kite. The rules are simple, and you do not need to possess any extraordinary skills to experience the joys of kite flying. Still, kite flying is taught at several places in Prague. There are also many different sorts of kiting taught in Prague, each one unique in its own way and worth trying at least once.


One of the most popular flying disc sports, derived from classic golf rules, originating from the 1970s in the USA. This game aims to use the smallest number of throws to get a disc (Frisbee) from the specified teeing area into a special steel basket.

DG Park Ladronka

Tomanova, Prague 6 – Břevnov

The longest (868 m) and the most difficult of the Prague 9-hole courses. Discs can be rented near the restaurant.

DG Park Chodov

Ledvinova / Donovalská, Prague 4 – Chodov

A public park by the Chodov fortress with nine holes. Equipment can be rented in the adjacent restaurant.

DG Park Krejcárek

Hraniční / Na Balkáně, Prague 3 – Žižkov

A freely accessible 6-hole course with the option to rent equipment in the adjacent Youngsters’ House / (Dům dětí a mládeže – Ulita).


Kiting is a relatively young sport that has many forms and offshoots. The principle of this sport is to harness the power of the wind pushing against the kite. Kiting comes in 3 basic types depending on what kind of surface you are going on – snowkiting, land kiting and kiteboarding.

Best Kites

One of the biggest Czech kite schools focused on snowkiting, land kiting and kiteboarding. One-day or two-day courses occur from April to November in Prague in Vypich or Uhříněves (wherever the wind is best).


Argentinská 1024, Prague 7 – Holešovice;

The company is focused on snowkiting, land kiting and kiteboarding. The training school has facilities for large gatherings (up to 100 people) and the facilities of a training centre in Prague and other localities across the Czech Republic. There are also courses for juniors (children over 8 years) or the disabled (in cooperation with the “Adrenalin bez bariér” association).


Paddleboarding is a young offshoot of canoeing, in which a rider on a board similar to a surfing longboard propels themselves with a long paddle. It is also sometimes abbreviated to SUP (Stand Up Paddle = paddling in a standing position). This kind of paddling involves the whole body equally, improves your sense of balance and tones you up.

Podolské nábřeží – Přístav 1, Prague 4 – Podolí;

Rental as well as a paddleboarding gear retail shop. There are various types of inflatable floats and several kinds of paddles available. You can test out everything right there on the Vltava River.


Slacklining is seeing a great boom in recent years and is becoming a popular sports discipline. The principle is simple. You walk (balancing) on a strap, tensioned between two points (usually trees). Unlike tightrope walking, the strap is more or less flexible, and you use your own body movement to keep your balance.

The most popular places for slacklining in Prague include the Stromovka park, Letná park or Ladronka. You will find an interactive map of the main slackline sites on


Hurricane Factory

Tupolevova 736, Prague 9 – Letňany;

Do you want to feel the force of a hurricane? At the Hurricane Factory, you can try out what it’s like to fly and hover. A seethrough-walled airflow chamber 4.3 m across and 14 m tall channels an updraft of air at velocities of up to 270 km/h, which is, in fact, hurricane speed. Your flight takes place under the constant supervision of an experienced instructor and is suitable for children from the age of 5 up.

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