Swimming Pools in Prague

Another form of water recreation is swimming, a sport that children and adults enjoy all over the world. In the summer months, swimming is the perfect solution to cool down on a sweltering day. While swimming is mostly associated with natural water bodies like lakes, rivers and oceans, swimming pools also allow you to indulge in a fun and healthy hobby. In the winter, indoor swimming pools feel like a blessing in Prague. Even with the unbearable cold outside, you can still swim indoors. As the city experiences rapid expansions, it is not hard to find a swimming pool. Most are housed inside commercial entertainment centres. Swimming grounds are often equipped with saunas and massage booths. Swimming pools in Prague are open throughout the day, every day, except on national holidays. Most offer great facilities for children such as shallow pools, swimming equipment, instructors and swimming lessons. Coincidentally, the Czech Republic is a landlocked country, which means that natural water outlets such as seas and oceans are non-existent. While there are plenty of rivers and lakes to visit, residents of cities like Prague often have to resort to pools and water to quench their thirst for water recreation. To escape the feeling of entrapment and claustrophobia, Prague offers multiple indoor and outdoor pools and water parks to give people the opportunity to indulge in water sports or even to feel the freedom of floating in calm pools of water.

Podolí swimming stadium

Podolská 74, Prague 4 – Podolí;

Prague’s best-known swimming stadium opened its doors back in 1965. Thanks to two 50 metre pools, it is a popular place even for professional swimmers.

The Swimming Pool Complex is open all year round, but one of the outdoor pools is closed during the winter months. The other outdoor smaller pool, which is heated in the winter, is accessible for visitors throughout the year. It can get very crowded during the summer months, especially on hot sunny weekends when locals in search of escape head to this favourite swimming complex.

In addition to the swimming facilities, there is also a fitness centre, a sauna, a cafe and a restaurant serving basic food and snacks.

Information: an indoor 50 m pool, outdoor pools of 50 and 33 metres, a children’s pool, slide chute, sauna, solarium, fitness.

AXA Pool

Na Poříčí 40, Prague 1 – Nové Město;

The swimming pool is part of the AXA Spa complex, whose tradition goes back to the 1930s. You’ll find it right in the heart of the city.

Information: a 25 m swimming pool, sauna, steam room, relaxation and cooling pool, massage facilities.

YMCA sports centre

Na Poříčí 12, Prague 1 – Nové Město;

Not far from the AXA Spa is another indoor pool, as part of a larger sports centre. It is a particular favourite among students, thanks to its attractive entrance fee.

Information: a 25 m swimming pool, aqua aerobics, gym, sauna, solarium, jogging track…

Olšanka sports centre

Táboritská 1000/23, Prague 3 – Žižkov;

The sports centre is part of the Olšanka hotel complex. Here you will find more than 10 sports facilities for the general public under one roof.

Information: a 25 m swimming pool, sauna, massage rooms, aqua aerobics, indoor badminton, table tennis.

Motorlet Prague sports club

Radlická 105, Prague 5 – Radlice;

A swimming pool and a multi-purpose sports complex, located right beside the Metro B stop – Radlická. The whole complex is set in pleasant greenery.

Information: a 25 m swimming pool, an outdoor stainless steel swimming pool 13 × 7 m, large summer garden, sauna, whirlpool, indoor hall (badminton, volleyball, basketball, five-a-side football, futnet).

Hotel Duo sports centre

Teplická 492, Prague 9 – Střížkov

An indoor heated swimming pool is open to hotel guests and the general public alike.

Information: 20 m pool, gym, sauna, massage rooms, bowling centre.

Hloubětín swimming and sports centre

Hloubětínská 80, Prague 9 – Hloubětín;

The only Prague swimming pool with salinated water (0.5 %), which has reviving properties, is naturally antiseptic and does not cause eye inflammation.

Information: two indoor swimming pools (25 m and 15 m), one outdoor (12 m), steam bath, sauna, fitness centre, aqua belle and diver training centre, tennis courts.

Sokol Královské Vinohrady

Prague 2, Polská ul. (in Riegrovy sady)

Enjoy the swimming facilities at Sokol with clear water with an Ecoline system without chlorine. The swimming pool is closed during July and August.

Slavia swimming stadium

Vladivostocká 10, Prague 10 – Vršovice;

A sports complex with indoor and outdoor swimming pools and other sports options.

Information: a 25 m swimming pool (indoor), 50 m swimming pool (outdoor), children’s pool, training courses for swimming and diving, a large sunbathing area, beach volleyball court.

Relax Centre Homolka

Nemocnice Na Homolce, Roentgenova 2/37, 150 30 Praha 5;

Information: 25 m swimming pool, sauna, fitness, swimming classes, aqua aerobic learning.

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