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Fitness is an essential part of life. You can only appreciate life to the fullest if you are in the best shape of your life and enjoy a healthy existence. More importantly, visiting the beautiful and alluring Prague city would not be much fun if you are mentally and physically exhausted. Touring the city’s historic and crowded city centre can be quite exhausting; there is a lot of footwork and travelling involved. It is only possible if one is fit, healthy and able to stay energetic for longer periods. Besides, for those extra conscientious people, exercise and fitness cannot be forsaken, even for a holiday. Therefore, Prague has several indoor fitness programs and installations to cover all your fitness needs. Most hotels in Prague are equipped with high-tech functional gyms, fitness centres and swimming pools, while health and exercise instructors are also available for services. The Prague Marriott Hotel and the Axa are just a few examples of tourist hotels that offer indoor fitness facilities. Popular indoor sports include table tennis and squash. Enjoy your stay to the fullest as staying fit at the same time will not be a problem here in Prague. While offering deliciously decadent foods, it also has plenty of health and fitness options open to all.

Tip:  If you want to stimulate a little bit of adrenaline and if you have a preference for combat sports, the Czech Union of Martial Arts Sports ( or the Czech Association of Full-contact and Other Combat Sports ( make for handy setting off points.

Fitness centrum R5

Růžová 5, Prague 1 – Nové Město;

Treat yourself to your regular dose of exercise and relaxation, right in the centre of Prague.

Information: fitness, spinning, body styling, power yoga, ball, Pilates, hatha yoga, TRX, Bosu, badminton.

Fitness Kotva & Fitstudio Kotva

náměstí Republiky 8, Prague 1 – Staré Město;

Fitness facilities on the 4th floor of the Kotva department store with a variety of Cybex exercise machines, aerobic hall, and a solarium.

Information: fitness, aerobic exercise, solarium, cross-training, multifunctional sports hall, salt cave, sauna area.

Fitness Vagon

Národní 25 (Palác Metro), Prague 1 – Staré Město;

A modern and popular fitness centre in Prague’s city centre, close to the Národní třída metro station.

Information: fitness machines, treadmills, steppers, a rowing simulator, solarium, infra sauna, bar.

HIT Fitness Flóra

Chrudimská 2b, Prague 3 – Vinohrady;

A traditional sports centre with more than a touch of class, a motivating atmosphere and original design. It offers a wide range of sports activities as well as recuperation and relaxation services.

Information: fitness, aerobics, squash, spinning, solarium, zumba.

Olga Šípková Health & Fitness

5.května 65, Prague 4 – Nusle;

This is the professionally equipped fitness gym of a leading Czech athlete and healthy lifestyle proponent, located right in the Prague Congress Centre.

Information: gym, spinning, body step, Pilates, power yoga, TRX, aqua aerobics, sauna and steam room, pool and hot tub, solarium.

BodyBody Fitness Revolution

Plzeňská 16, Prague 5 – Smíchov;

Today’s most time-efficient workout. BodyBody is a training method based on electrical stimulation of the muscles, where the body is put through only natural movement. Each muscle response is reinforced by electrical impulses, greatly increasing and deepening exercise effectiveness. During a 20-minute training session, you will exercise up to 90% of your muscles.

Ladies it club

Stroupežnického 21, Prague 5 – Smíchov;

The fit club offers a wide range of physical activities, primarily for women. Exercise takes place both in the studio and in outdoor locations nearby.

Information: circuit training, TRX, outdoor running, zumba, Pilates, kickboxing, health exercises, port de bras.

Factory PRO Prague

Nádražní 32, Prague 5 – Smíchov;

Savour a surge of energy and enjoy exercising with top brand name equipment, the Gym80 and Precor. In addition to the professionally equipped gym, you can try yoga and aerobics lessons under the guidance of experienced instructors.

Sportcentrum Evropská

José Martího 31, Prague 6 – Veleslavín;

In this modern multifunctional sports centre a whole host of sporting activities await you.

Information: aerobics, alpinning, climbing wall, rowing machines, gym, power plate, solarium, cycling, squash, massage.

Tip:  A multitude of well-known fitness chains cover Prague. Access to them is of course subject to membership. For more information, visit their Web sites: Solárium Fitness BBC (, Holmes Place ( or World Class (


Pilates is a physical and exercise system meant to nourish the body and mind. It is an American import and is gaining steady popularity here in Prague. With a ton of intrigue and many functional Pilates courses, this form of exercise has taken hold here in the Czech capital. Trained and professional instructors are now administering this technique while modern Pilates studios and fitness centres have cropped up. Pilates is concerned with the three C’s: concentration, control and centring. It is aimed at balancing or harmonizing the flow of energy in the body. It is a great and fun way to fortify your body and mind; the increasing popularity of Pilate is no surprise. Not only does Prague offer excellent facilities for Pilates, but the courses and programs also are open to all kinds of people, be it the locals or the tourists. Charges are mandatory for the services utilized, and lessons are offered for newcomers. The largest and longest-running specialized Pilates studio in the Czech Republic is located in Prague’s Smíchov district.

Pilates Academy

Senovážné náměstí 23, Prague 1 – Nové Město;

Pilates exercise develops strength, balance, coordination, flexibility and breathing. It helps you work the back, abdominal and gluteal muscles, which is the basis of good posture. Lessons take place in

Czech and English languages.

myPilates Academy

Ostrovského 3, Prague 5 – Smíchov;

The largest and longest-running specialized Pilates studio in the Czech Republic is located in Prague’s Smíchov district. The Studio has 4 modern halls, a wide selection of accessories (Foam Roller, Magic Circle, BOSU, Arc Barrel, etc.) and Pilates machines from the USA.

Outdoor fitness

As opposed to indoor fitness, outdoor fitness activities are deeply rooted in the age-old definitions of physical and mental health. Running, hiking, jogging, walking, swimming, and cycling are just some of the countless fitness activities to participate in the great outdoors. Fortunately, Prague’s scenic beauty and chiselled landscape provide the perfect opportunity for any of the outdoor fitness activities. Taking a run around the historic city is sure to fill you up with amazement and pure wonder, all while working up a sweat. A run is simply a run in any other city, but here in Prague, a jog around the city is a historical journey through time. The outdoor fitness activities offered in Prague are wide and varied; there is something for everyone. Even those who are creatures of the indoors will want to join in the outdoor fitness. It is more fun than just plain old exercise but comes with a dual advantage. Activities in Prague range from adventure trips to action sports, from skydiving to pistol shooting, and so much more. Outdoor fitness is more of a leisurely pastime than actual exercise here in Prague; his in no way means it is not productive. Prague is the perfect place to be for those who love the outdoors and aim always to stay fit and healthy.

Na Františku sports complex

Kozí St., Prague 1 – Staré Město;

A publicly accessible playground right in the centre of Prague allows you to exercise on horizontal bars and ladders, and other structures for the purpose. For a fee, you can rent a whole multipurpose court or play mini-golf. During the winter season, an ice rink is maintained there.


Prague 4 – Podolí

At Kublov, you will find a park designed for Parkour to exercise on horizontal and parallel bars or balance-training machines. The park is closed from November to March.

Park Sacré Coeur

Kartouzská St., Prague 5 – Smíchov

A smaller, picturesque park on an elevated site, landscaped after 2004, on the site of a former vineyard. During morning hours, you will be sure to meet runners here. Apart from sitting around on the benches, you can have a workout on the outdoor machines designed chiefly for the older generation. Kids, on the other hand, are sure to appreciate the long slide.

Stromovka park

Prague 7 – Holešovice

If you would like to strengthen up in natural surroundings, do go to Stromovka. Here you can combine running with strength training. The first outdoor fitness offers horizontal bars of three different heights, including a high bar, a balance beam and vaulting obstacles. The second one offers iron parallel bars and benches for strengthening abdominal and back muscles.

Fitness trail Rokytka

Prague 9 – Vysočany;

A very well equipped fitness trail consisting of 25-way stations supplemented by informative display boards. There are, e.g. benches, dumbbells for squat thrusts, leg extension, gym ladders and of course, horizontal and parallel bars. There are regular coached practice sessions – free of charge.

Podvinný mlýn

Prague 9 – Libeň

Outdoor fitness exercise options with horizontal bars at three heights, a horizontal ladder for brachiating, short and long parallel bars and relatively high obstacles. There are also strengthening machines (intended mostly for seniors).

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