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Cycling is a simple form of exercise for most people. In Prague, however, cycling is a fun way to stay fit while exploring the city’s sights. Tired of walking around the city? Hate being stuffed into a car on a hot day? Just grab a bike and cycle your way through the city, exploring the historical sites and gardens while discovering little wonders in the crowded centre square. Better yet, join a bike tour and revel in the wonders of Prague along with other people. Bike tours, much like jogging tours, are exploratory and informative tours of the city and involved being accompanied by a professional. It is insightful, fun and refreshing at the same time. There are plenty of bike tours to go about on. Just pick one and be on your way! In Prague and its surrounding areas, there are dozens of kilometres of marked and well-maintained trails. Experienced cyclists can explore Prague without any problems, although a mountain bike or at least a trekking bike (and a good sense of getting around in traffic) are advisable.

City Bike

Králodvorská 5, Prague 1 – Staré Město

City Bike organizes two-hour Prague tours with an English-speaking guide. If you want to explore the city on your own, you can rent a bicycle even without a guide.

Prague by E-Bike

Besední 2, Prague 1 – Malá Strana;

Get to know the historical centre of Prague unconventionally. Guided tours on electric bikes are popular, undemanding and fun.


Pařížská 30, Prague 1 – Staré Město;

Organised guided tours on bikes, electric bikes and Segways.


Revoluční 8, Prague 1 – Nové Město;

Rental of bicycles and electric bikes. Experienced guides are available for accompanied excursions around Prague and its beautiful surroundings.

Crosco Praha

Dělnická 54, Prague 7 – Holešovice;

Combine a typical tour of Prague with the unusual experience of Crosco motorscooters. Motorized scooters have their centre of gravity low to the ground, much lower than a bike, making them more manageable and much more natural to handle for everyone. Not forgetting that you don’t need a driver’s licence.


Bike parks are for those who harbour a deep love for the sport of cycling, those sports aficionados who seek a bit of thrill and adventure in their lives. These bike parks are built around serving that purpose. The bike parks are fully functional with the latest equipment as well as stable safety measures. These parks have obstacle courses, and cyclists can show off their skill and prowess by overcoming the latter. Other features of such bike parks include lift-accessed mountains and bike trails. There is also an abundance of youngsters seeking a thrill in Prague while indulging in sports at the bike parks. These parks are of international standards and are ranked among some of the best in Europe. In Prague and its suburbs, many trails stretch for hundreds of kilometres and are always well maintained. Experienced bikers usually fare well on such tracks, although there is no compulsion, and amateurs can do so as well. This type of activity requires a special kind of bike: a trekking cycle or mountain bike.

Bikepark Modřany

Prague 4 – Modřany

With its plastic-coated surface, all the obstacles are floor-linked in this elaborate wooden bike park and join up into one obstacle course.

The obstacles are quite high, though, so the bike park is suitable for more experienced riders.

Bikepark Štvanice

Štvanice Island, Prague 7 – Holešovice

In the bicross park, you’ll find six tracks – from the easiest, for children, to a racing-grade pump track. The park includes rental facilities for kids’ bikes, as well as mountain and pumps track bikes. The bike park is open seasonally, so worth checking on FB under Bike park Štvanice Prague.

BMX Bohnice

Lindavská St., Prague 8 – Bohnice;

This 360 m long track with 15 jumps is one of the best bicross tracks in Prague and the entire Czech Republic.

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