Golf and Minigolf

Golf is more of a recreational activity than a physical sport; thus, you will never be too old to play it. Golf allows one to experience peace and serenity, the sound of the ball rolling across the freshly cut grass and the quiet breeze, the birds in the sky and the pleasant mornings; it is all so appealing to the senses. This game requires so much concentration that it will make you forget everything else for some time now. Is that not a treat in itself? It is also a great activity for building social relationships with strangers; they see you struggling, failing and eventually succeeding while you see them. This leads to an intimate experience and sometimes lifelong friendships.

The Czech Republic has about 52 golf courses are many are located in Prague. It has the ability to become the most successful golf destination in Europe. Equipped with such amazing golf courses, an excellent environment, affordable facilities, warm and welcoming people, and unquestionable security, Prague will surely make it big as a golf destination in the years to come. There are so many locations for golf lovers to choose from, each one unique from the other. If you like playing golf on the driving ranges, Golf Club Chateau St. Havel Praha is the place for you because it is the only driving range in the Czech Republic. For golfers who prefer different and preferably difficult terrains, Prague City Golf is a must-try. These golf courses are for beginners as much as for professionals. There are two popular mini golf providers here in Prague to make your time worth the while for those who prefer mini-golf.


Golf Resort Hodkovičky

Vltavanů 546, Prague 4 – Hodkovičky;

The 2,750 m course on the banks of the Vltava River is open all year round. It is characterized by numerous water hazards, large well-shaped greens and beautiful views of the Vltava River and Vyšehrad.

Golf Club Chateau St. Havel Praha

Před Nádražím 6, Prague 4 – Krč;

The golf club is situated in the castle grounds park of the local picturesque four-star hotel. There are 17 tees (6 of which are covered on three sides), including the only driving range in the Czech Republic where you tee directly into the water (the so-called Aqua Driving Range).

Golf Club Praha

Plzeňská 401, Prague 5 – Motol;

One of the oldest golf clubs in Bohemia and one of the most challenging courses in the Czech Republic. There is something here for experienced players and beginners or those who are just considering taking up golf.

Prague City Golf

K Radotínu 15, Prague 5 – Zbraslav;

The ideal place for golf enthusiasts at all levels. A speciality of the course here is the “spill offs”, artificially created terrain waves, red-sanded areas of “sandy wastes”, as well as the “pot bunkers”. The gem is a distinctive 18-hole putting green, the “Himalaya”, inspired by the famous Ladies Putting course at St Andrew’s.

Erpet Golf Centre

Strakonická 4, Prague 5 – Smíchov;

The sports and social complex includes an indoor golf hall with 16 tee-off points. When you’ve had enough golf, you can play tennis, volleyball or squash, swim in the outdoor pool or work out at the local fitness gym.

Rohanský ostrov driving range

U Libeňského mostu 1, Prague 8 – Libeň;

A practice golf resort is close to Prague’s centre, suitable for both beginners and professionals, with tee-off mats and grass, putting and chipping greens and bunker play. You can rent golf clubs on-site or sign up for a course at the golf school.

Golf Resort Black Bridge

Národních hrdinů 891, Prague 9 – Dolní Počernice;

Prague’s professional 18-hole golf course with fine training facilities and a golf academy. The resort is open all year round, even in winter (weather permitting).

Golf Hostivař

Hornoměcholupská 565, Prague 10 – Horní Měcholupy;

A modern golf resort in the eastern part of Prague provides comprehensive golf training even for complete beginners. The play takes place on a standardized 9-hole course.


Minigolf Tempo

Nad Lesním divadlem, Prague 4 – Braník;

An all year round resort, offering play on two Minigolf Association certified 18-hole courses, compliant with WMF (World Minigolf Sport Federation) standards.

Adventure Minigolf Praha

Českomoravská 17, Prague 9 – Vysočany;

An indoor minigolf course located right in the O2 arena. The course comprises 18 holes as with full-scale golf, where each route is covered with artificial purpose-developed golf grass. The obstacles on each course route are various uneven terrain, ridges, natural obstacles, etc.

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