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Water sports are a big part of the attraction of Prague, especially in the summer months. There are numerous places in the city of Prague like rivers, lakes, water dams and artificial water reservoirs, all of which offer superb opportunities for all kinds of water recreational sports. Water sports that are particularly popular in Prague include swimming, boat riding, windsurfing, yachting, canoeing and rafting. One of the most popular water sports also happens to be a pretty popular pastime for the Czech people in Prague: the water slalom. The most frequented and sought after course in the entire nation of the Czech Republic is a ride down the Troja Canal in Prague. Water sports are popular and possible in the city because of their sustainable water infrastructure. The Vltava River is perfect and flows against a beautiful backdrop, whereas the Troja Cana is inundated with water all year round and is perfect for water sports. Water areas in Prague include dams, lakes and rivers. Besides these natural bodies of water, there are other sources of water-related entertainment and sports as well. There are water parks or aqua parks, which are basically amusement zones that provide plenty of water recreation opportunities. The white water canal of Troja is perfect for those people who love the great outdoors and have a love for adrenaline rushes. Equipment and boats can be easily rented for different water sports like kayaking, rowing, rafting and windsurfing.

Water sports area of Prague – Troja (the Troja channel)

Vodácká 8, Prague 7 – Troja;

There is a safe and accessible watercourse close to Prague Zoo. Although the lower and upper parts are for beginners, a key section of the channel is reserved for proficient watermen with a difficulty rating of WW III+. Next to the channel is a climbing wall, an in-line skating route and other sports facilities.

Information: a water sports equipment rental facility (canoes, kayaks, paddles, life jackets, wetsuits), rafting, canoeing and kayaking trips on calm and wild water, rafting courses and canoeing basics, water rescue courses.

Adrenaline Centre

Lodnická 1, Prague 4 – Hodkovičky;

Racing trips go from Palackého Square to the Lesser Town, spiced up by crossing two weirs. The first weir pass is sloped, and the water literally flies down the narrow channel, while the second, by contrast, produces some very nice waves. Watermen tours take place from May to October, subject to advance bookings.

U Topíren 2, Prague 7 – Holešovice;

A water sports equipment rental shop, which also organizes kayaking courses at beginner and moderate levels. You will learn basic boating terminology and the rules on the water. Courses take place from April to October.

Boating Paradise (Vodácký Ráj)

Císařská louka 27, Prague 5 – Smíchov;

If you had enough of the jostling crowds in the city centre’s streets, then come to see the sights of Prague from the water – in a canoe or kayak. You’ll set out from the Císařská louka Island, continue down to Jiráskův Bridge, there to savour panoramic views of the National Theatre, Prague Castle and Petřín Hill, and then return passing close by Vyšehrad. Or take a romantic ride for two away from the city centre, upstream to Velká Chuchle and Modřany. Vodácký Ráj also provides boats for sale and rental boats and rafts, and virtually all related water sports equipment.

HG Sport

Vodácká 12, Prague 7 – Troja;

Sea kayaking is a fast-growing type of water sports activity for you to enjoy on the Vltava River. HG Sport in Prague provides two interesting routes to show you the capital from a novel angle.

One route is intended for nature lovers and leads along the Vltava River valley from Troja to Klecany. Here you can try out how a sea kayak really works. Proficient paddlers can enjoy a trip from Troja to the city centre and back. Kayaks can be rented individually, too. And what’s more, in Troja you can enjoy the wild water slalom channel. Beginners can sign up for both activities with the water sports school HG Sport.

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