Horse Racing and Riding

Were you a child that loved horses? Or have you recently started paying attention to the equestrian lifestyle? Has the urge to experience horseback riding and horse racing suddenly kicked in? Welcome to the club: you are not the first or the last to experience this. Horseback riding has been a hobby for people for a very long time. As exciting as it seems, horseback riding is also a great sport for those looking to get in shape.

The Czech Republic has had a long and notable history of horse riding, especially within the city of Prague. Although many international horse racing events have not been organized here, the city has still established a name in flat horse racing and steeplechase events. Prague is the major hub for most horse racing tournaments, most of which are held at Velká Chuchle. Annually, about 20 horse racing events are held in Velka Chuchle alone. With a rich history of such events and the love that the people of the Czech Republic have for horse riding, Prague has numerous riding groups that offer training to anyone willing to learn the art of horseback riding. These groups offer extensive courses in horse riding for all age groups. There are several courses for you to choose from, and each one is held in a slightly different environment from the other. Whether you are interested in riding horses in their natural terrain, indoor halls, long circular routes, dressage rectangles or a simple riding lawn, these courses will have everything on offer. Even if you are not interested in starting proper riding lessons, many of these groups also offer recreational riding sessions for individuals and groups. Some of the notable horse racing and riding activities are mentioned below.

Racecourse Prague – Velká Chuchle

Radotínská 69, Prague 5 – Velká Chuchle;

The traditional venue for full gallop and trotting races and one of the main race-courses in the Czech Republic. Racing here dates back to 1906. Every year some 20 race days make for 160 horse races.

Horse Riding

Epona Praha Equestrian Club

Na Šabatce 2051, Prague 4 – Komořany;

This equestrian club focuses on dressage and parkur jumping. There are two riding arenas in the riding complex, a dressage rectangle, a longe circle, a practice riding lawn, and horse paddocks. If interested, you can sign up for a riding course or take some individual training.

Hucul Club

Zmrzlík 1, Prague 5 – Řeporyje;

The Hutsul horse preservation association offers nature trail horse riding (even for beginners), recreational riding or terrain riding. You can also partake in individual courses for children and adults or hippotherapy.

Císařský ostrov equestrian company

Císařský ostrov 1098, Prague 7 – Bubeneč;

In the quiet and beautiful surroundings of Císařský ostrov (Imperial Island), you will find a riding area with an indoor hall and outdoor tiltyard. Experienced instructors lead training in Czech or English languages.

Ctěnice equestrian company

Bohdanečská 259, Prague 9 – Vinoř;

This riding group provides riding lessons under the guidance of experienced coaches and instructors, from complete novice level to moderate sporting mastery.

Radonice riding hall (Jízdárna Radonice)

Vinořská 31, Radonice;

Radonice riding hall is one of the few horse-riding stables around Prague to offer the public a comprehensive course in classic horse riding. Interested riders learn how to improve their English style skills at sporting and recreational levels.

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