Outdoor Pools and Lidos in Prague

Outdoor pools, otherwise known as lidos in the Czech Republic, are widespread in Prague. They are built outside as opposed to indoor complexes, all the while serving the same purposes. The Czech Republic is a landlocked country, meaning its citizens do not have access to any large water bodies like the ocean for pursuing any water hobbies or sports. While there is a river in the city of Prague, it is not exactly sustainable for water sports. Thus, a large number of indoor and outdoor pools have cropped up. Lidos or outdoor pools are both a local and foreign attraction. There are also artificial reservoirs that serve as grounds for water recreation. There is hardly anything more refreshing on hot, sweltering summer days than swimming in clean, cold water. Despite there being no natural sources of water, the city of Prague has a lot to offer to those who enjoy water hobbies like swimming. Lidos are a part of the swimming and bathing options that Prague has to offer. Aside from these traditional and conventional pools, the city of Prague and its adjacent areas have other swimming places. There are many water parks, bathing pools and water reservoirs to choose from. In short, swimming arenas are hard to miss in Prague. The human-made reservoir features a large park situated in the midst of a heavy forest area. It is the perfect place to relax and enjoy some outdoor activities, including bathing and swimming. While this reservoir is situated a good few minutes away from the city centre of Prague, it is nevertheless a sight that cannot be missed, especially as it is not too far away. This park is a popular place for both locals and tourists who like a bit of sun and water and enjoy the thrill of being outdoors. Outdoor swimming baths are usually open daily from June to September, depending on the weather.

Pražačka sports and recreational area

Za Žižkovskou vozovnou 19, Prague 3 – Žižkov;

The Pražačka sports complex is popular among swimming and bathing enthusiasts. In the summer, it offers a pleasantly refreshing outdoor swimming pool with adjacent grassy grounds. We especially recommend evening swims by artificial light.

Information: an outdoor swimming pool (25 m), indoor swimming pool (16.6 m), sauna, gym, running track with synthetic surface, tennis courts, a football pitch.

Radotín ‘Biotope’ swimming-baths

K Lázním, Prague 5 – Radotín;

An artificial water reservoir built right next to the Berounka River has a natural filtration system, where bioactive zones cleanse the water without resorting to chemicals.

Information: a large sunbathing meadow, sauna, refreshments.

Petynka swimming baths

Otevřená 4, Prague 6 – Střešovice;

Spacious grassy areas, a long, heated swimming pool with high-quality pure water – are the hallmark facilities of the swimming complex, which has disabled access.

Information: a swimming pool (50 m), slide chute, beach volleyball court, beach bar, paddling pool, children’s playground.

Koupaliště Stírka

Pod Statky 14 Praha 8 – Kobylisy 182 00;

Located near Metro station Kobilisy, in the residential area, is a 42.5m long swimming pool, 2.3m deep, with an extra small swimming pool for children.

Information: volleyball, sauna, massage, nail studio.

Divoká Šárka swimming baths

Divoká Šárka 41, Prague 6 – Liboc;

One of the most peaceful Prague swimming pools, fed by cold but pure spring water.

Information: two swimming pools (30 m), slide chute, children’s playground, tennis, volleyball, bowling, refreshments.

Hostivař reservoir

K Jezeru, Prague 10 – Hostivař;

The dam is situated in a beautiful and quiet location in the middle of Hostivař Park. Here you will find grassy and sandy beaches, including a naturist beach.

Information: rental of boats, pedalos, kayaks, sailboats, beach volleyball, tennis, futnet.

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