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Jablonec nad Nisou

Jablonec nad Nisou is situated around 100 kilometres from Prague and very close to the Liberec.

Though quite old – it was mentioned as early as 1356 – the small peasant village was bound to wait many centuries for its D-day to come. Natural conditions, the skills of local people, and the international situation worked together to make the place become a world-famous producer of glass and jewellery in the last century. Jablonec nad Nisou awoke to the reality of a legendary place where the “Jablonec stuff ” originated and was fabled as an “Austrian California” in the history books where folks grew rich overnight their most daring dreams of multiplying their capital were coming true. The fifty years that followed the town status (granted to Jablonec nad Nisou in 1866) changed the town’s face immensely. The population multiplied five times, and many ostentatious houses shot from the ground to display the owners’ wealth and the architects’ faculties and art. Impressive buildings in the neo-Renaissance and Art Nouveau styles, state and local administration offices, schools, tax offices and private villas of local merchants and exporters bear testimony to the now faded glory of the town’s golden period, being a virtual school of architecture at the same time.

But it is not only the lovers of history and arts who feel the allure of the place because sport is another local attribute. There is a dam of crystal clear water right in the town. There are the large sports facilities at Střelnice (athletic hall plus the prime league FK Jablonec Nad Nisou football stadium) and another at Břízky (near the cross-country skiing track); a swimming-pool; an artificial ski piste at the outskirts; an artificial ice-rink. There are many parks in the town itself, and the beautiful countryside around is a tourist’s dream. Just select one of the many marked trails and enjoy far views from numerous lookout towers. Culture is not nature’s poor relative here. Jablonec has several magnificent choruses (for example, let us mention the Janáček Chorus, whose name is a symbol of quality). There is also a Museum of Glass and Jewellery, the School of Applied Arts, which specialises in jewellery and maintains a team of talented and enthusiastic teachers. Several outstanding graphic and plastic artists who live here are backing ambitious local art galleries. More projects keep appearing – regular exhibitions, concerts, contests, performances. People socialise more often, and new traditions are being formed. The “genius loci” is budding out and thriving. The former town of glass that used to attract people eager for more knowledge and wealth is once again becoming a place that can give you experiences to remember. You, too, have got the chance.

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