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Celetná Street

Celetna StreetThis street is located in the Old Town and is one of the most important streets in the district. It is steeped with history dating back to the 14th century, during which time it was inducted into the “Royal Way”, which was a route through the city that Czech monarchs followed when they were coroneted. This route actually starts from Vyšehrad and finishes at Prague Castle, and any street on this route was deemed very important.

The name of this street is thought to be derived from the Czech word “Calty”, which is a type of bread commonly baked in the area many years ago. The history of this street can be traced back to the Gothic period thanks to the many different styles of architecture in the street. Although many of the buildings were renovated during different periods of history, some original architecture still remains. Some of the most important buildings are the House of the Black Madonna at the House of the Golden Angel.

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