The Royal Route

Královská cesta

The Royal Route - Silver LineThe Royal Route is hard to miss in Prague as it is marked with a silver arrow that can be seen on the sidewalk and wears the inscription, “Silver Line”.  The path begins at the Powder Tower in front of the Municipal House and goes down Celetná Street and into the Old Town Square.  The name comes from the coronation processions of the Bohemian kings, which started with George of Podebrady in 1458.  This route makes a great walk along the centre of Prague, where visitors can see Gothic, Baroque, Renaissance, Art Nouveau and Cubist architecture.

Along Celetná Street, visitors can take insight sights such as homes sporting breathtaking murals.  There are also numerous shopping opportunities, including those in which you can find breathtaking crystal, toys, porcelain and wood carvings.

Along the route, you can even continue past Old Town Square to Charles Bridge; while on the way, you can enjoy live performances by jazz musicians and have a caricature made by local artisans.

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