Postal Services

Czech Postal servicesThe Czech Post Office officially provides postal services. It has the exclusive right to operate the service for post up to 50g in weight. Should you need to send anything heavier, you can also choose from tens of Czech and international couriers operating in the Czech Republic (including DHL, FedEx, etc.). Stamps are available from post offices, newsagents, tobacconists and most places where postcards are sold.

Post offices are scattered all over Prague. Though they are being modernised, many have different opening hours and offer varying degrees of service, and all are confusing. Indeed, the system designating what’s on offer at which window is perplexing, even for some Czechs. Generally expect queues and slow service at most post offices.

The main post office is on Jindřišská near Wenceslas Square. The main post office offers the most services, some of which are available 24 hours a day, with quick service and small queues.

To send or collect restricted packages or items subject to tax or duty, you must go to the Customs Office (Plezenska 139, Smichov). Bring your passport or ID card. For incoming packages, you will also need to pay duty and tax.

International Post

The Czech Post Office delivers letters all over the world. A letter weighing less than 20 g can be sent within Europe for 25 CZK  and outside Europe for 30 CZK. International post can be easily tracked as in other parts of the world.

Post Within the Czech Republic

Items up to 50g are delivered within the Czech Republic next day. Postage for letters up to 50g is 13 CZK.

How to Send a Letter

A normal item of post sent within the Czech Republic must bear the name of the receiver and his or her address (street, house number, town and postcode). Items to be sent abroad must also have the name of the country clearly stated. The address must be written in the Latin script unless another script is used in the place the item is being sent. It that case, only the name of the country must be written in the Latin script.

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