The SS Cyril and Methodius Orthodox Cathedral

During 1942, 7 Czech partisans, who were involved in the assassination of Reinhard Heydrich, hid from the Nazi army in this cathedral. The story behind this is the stuff of legend. It is extremely moving to see the wreath-covered tomb, where the partisans attempted to resist efforts to flood and smoke them out. Following a ferocious gunfight, they took their own lives to avoid being captured. Currently, a museum inside the church honours them as Czech heroes. Amongst the multilingual explanations and shrapnel and bullet holes, you will see the partisan’s last desperate attempt to dig out an escape tunnel.

Directions/Address: Chrám svatých Cyrila a Metoděje, Resslova 9 – the entrance is on Na Zderaze. Admission Charge: adults/children 60 CZK/30 CZK.

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