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Travelling by bus is often the quickest and most direct way to get from one Czech town to another. It is also sometimes the only way (unless you travel by car) because some Czech villages are not serviced by trains, or their train stations are far enough from the residential areas to make the bus a better option. Bus terminals are mostly located near the city centre to be better accessible by foot, often close to the main railway station.

Many private bus companies operate regular services. Keep in mind that the bus may be slower or more expensive than the train, and vice versa. It is always good to compare both options. Unlike trains, almost no Czech buses are equipped with toilets, and bathroom breaks are only made on long-distance trips, approximately every three hours.

Except for local routes, you can travel to the Czech Republic by bus from practically any country in Europe.

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Bus & Coach Companies

Student Agency (Regiojet)




Prague Bus

Intercity Bus


Can I buy my ticket at a bus stop?

YES. We recommend you buy the tickets online with Student Agency, but you can also buy your ticket in cash just before departure from a steward or the ticketing office – but only if there are free seats on the bus.

When should I arrive at the bus stop?

We recommend you arrive there 30 minutes before departure of the bus. You have to be there 10 minutes before departure time at the latest. The bus will not wait for you, and if you are not there, the company can sell your seat to someone else.

What if I miss the bus?

Unfortunately, most bus tickets are valid only for one connection. You cannot use a ticket on the next bus; you will have to buy a new ticket.

Can I travel with my pet?

Unfortunately NO. All pets are strictly prohibited on all international bus lines.

Will there be Wi-Fi/electric sockets on the bus?

YES, if you travel with Student Agency, but with other companies, there is limited availability. On most of the international buses, Wi-Fi is available, but only in the Czech territory. Every pair of seats on Student Agency buses has an electric socket (230 V). The Wi-Fi and standard on-board service are not available on extra buses. These are added when the original bus line is sold out.

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