Useful Advices Before You Go

  • Things to Know before you go to PragueIf you wish to exchange money in Prague (especially in the city centre), please be careful as many exchange offices charge a very high commission. You will have no problem withdrawing cash from any ATM (much cheaper).
  • Be careful in crowded areas such as trams and tourist attractions – there may be pickpockets (common sense needs to be used).
  • When eating in cheaper restaurants, please check your bill as sometimes foreigners can be overcharged with extra items added or changed prices. Prices in the menu always include VAT, and you are not obliged to leave any tips. A service charge is always included, although tips between 5% and 10% are widely expected when satisfied (recently, the situation has improved, and this is almost unheard of in the more upmarket restaurants).
  • When taking a taxi on the street, be very careful; when possible, always call a cab from the airport pre-book a safe airport transfer. It is not recommended to take a taxi from a tourist spot or a train station or the inner city centre – even the locals avoid doing this.
  • If you are taking your mobile phone with you to Prague, then before you go, call your operator to check your roaming rates.
  • Remember if you find a special deal for a 3 star or 4-star hotel, and it claims to be a luxury hotel, check before booking if you don’t want to spoil your romantic break, as hotels might be rated as a 3 star but in fact, you will be sleeping backpacker-style!
  • Cash Machines (trick – stealing your card): if you are getting cash from an ATM, try to use one inside a bank. If you have to use one on the street, get someone in your party to watch out for you whilst using the machine. A favourite trick is for someone to interrupt you as you make your transaction by pointing to a Czech note on the ground and saying you have just dropped it. You bend down to pick up the note, and when you stand up again, your card has gone.
  • The discount card “Prague Card” is suitable especially for those who wish to spend several days in Prague and visit the best-known sights while spending less money on the entrance tickets. As well as free entrance to more than 50 attractions, including the Prague Castle, the card also offers discounts at selected partners and includes a multi-language tourist guide to Prague.

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