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Břevnov Monastery

Břevnov Monastery (Břevnovský klášter) is a Benedictine monastery founded by Prince Boleslav II and Saint Adalbert, bishop of Prague in 993 AD. The name of the district, Břevnov, refers to "břevno", or a piece of wood, which reportedly marked the place of foundation. The Břevnov monastery had an eventful history. It was closed down under Communist rule, but resumed its activities in 1990.

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Church of Our Lady Below the Chain

Originally this church was built after 1158, thanks to the settlement of the area below the castle by the Order of Saint John of Jerusalem. The Romanesque basilica was completed in 1182, but in 1312 the basilica was knocked down and replaced by a Gothic three-aisle basilica, probably made by Peter Parler’s workshop.

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The Church of St. James

This church dates back to the 13th century and was an original component of the Minorite Monastry built here. One of the earliest recorded uses for the building was as a location for a feast to celebrate the coronation of King John of Luxembourg, therefore showing that this building has been steeped in history for a huge number of years.

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Our Lady Of The Snows Church

Charles the fourth, on the day following the ceremony of his coronation, recommended a Carmelite monastery to a church that ended up serving as a coronation church. In view of the significance of this, construction plans for a Gothic style 3-aisled church were drawn up which would come second just to Prague Castle's cathedral with regard to height and size and would further encompass part of what's now Jungmann's Square (i.e. Jungmannovo náměstí).

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St Francis Seraph’s Church

In 1233, St Agnes from Bohemia founded St. Francis' hospital. Over time, the brotherhood of the Franciscans was transformed, with the Red Star, into the 1st Bohemian Knights order of the Cross and they went into the Bridge of Judith. This area is additionally where the 1st Saint Francis Church got founded during the thirteenth century.

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Church of St. Lawrence

Located on the site of a Romanesque church dating back to the 10th century, this Baroque church was restored in the mid-1700s. This restoration project has formed the basis of the church that can be seen today and was designed in all probability by Kilian Ignaz Dienzenhofer and built by Ignazio Palliardi and his nephew of the same name.

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